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  • Ant and Dec are often limited by the pre-watershed transmission times of their “fun” shows. Watch them on I’m a Celebrity which goes out after 21:00 and they are a very funny double act. I too like Harry Hill. He’s original at least.

    Dermot O’Leary. . He has the same voice as Zoe Ball, you can’t understand what they are saying. Pretty handy when they are on the radio. Harry Hill is ace, TV Burp is the funniest show on TV.

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    Eddie Jordan!

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    swavis+1 – but looks like that one’s solved for next year


    Will Gompertz.
    I consider myself a non violent, fairly tolerant, peace loving person, but I’d like to punch him straight in the face, suprisingly enough Mrs Jengin, is an even more non violent tolerant person and extremely girly in nature, and she has also said she’d like to do similar


    Louis Walsh.
    When he comes on the telly, mrs wrecker changes the channel quickly so to avoid me going apoplectic.

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    Harry Hill is ace, TV Burp is the funniest show on TV


    Has anyone explained who the 2 clones in the OP are yet? I don’t recognise them.. kid’s TV presenters?

    Clarkson gets my vote for the most annoying- smug prick, he’s just not funny. Same goes for Moyles, but I just don’t watch his shitty programmes.

    peter andre!!!

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    ref the OP characters, one is the cockney geezer (jeff brazier) who was jade goodys first knob of a hubby and the other is somebody off eastenders and the equally mind numbing tedium for z list nobodies that is the jungle thingy.

    +1 for eamon holmes

    +1 piers morgan

    dominic littlewood day time tv bloke

    charles campion (food critic) is ok when he’s beeing family guy peter griffin

    jay rayner is the food critic who grates on me, looks like a musketeer


    Fern Cotton. Can’t stand her. Even the adverts she appears on drive me nuts. Really want to watch Celebrity Juice(d?) but couldn’t watch for more than 10 seconds before wanting change channel.


    Are we ever going to find out who the first two chaps are??

    My vote

    I think Harry Hill is hilarious!
    Frank Skinner gets on my nerves so much I could happily exile him to somewhere far, far away. Thank the lord he’s not on telly much, I can see why.

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