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  • Morzine/ Les Gets bike lifts assistance.
  • Premier Icon Ambrose
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    We will be back out in the area soon but now on Ebikes. They are heavy and Mrs A cannot whip hers up to set it into the carriers she’s likely to find on e.g Chavannes.

    Options seem to be as follows:
    Toughen up and deal with it.

    Get me to do it, and have a staggered journey- I/ she get to sit with a random person (possibly you!)

    Lifty operator does the hard work on her behalf.

    Something else..?

    So- place your bets. What’s the real world scenario; who’s going to get the upper body workout?

    Yes, I know that they are ebikes and thus capable of uphill assistance. We normally would do way more ups than the ebikes are capable of, so no riding up. Unless you know better.

    Premier Icon RustyNissanPrairie
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    Can you take the battery off? You aren’t going to be pedalling up much!

    The lifties are always great and will slow the line down if people need extra time.
    Regarding lifting the front end up – pull the back brake on and stood alongside the bike pull the bike backwards with the back wheel locked and lift the front end up rather than just yanking the bars/front end straight up. Or do the same as above but roll the bike backwards a bit and jab the rear brake on and lift the front.

    Premier Icon spooky_b329
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    Not that experienced but when we went with normal full sussers, my wife would get her bike rotated onto its back wheel and rolling alongside me so I could hook my bike and then immediately do hers.

    Premier Icon sharkattack
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    ^^ that’s what we do. She lines it up and I pop it on.

    Premier Icon doomanic
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    Use the walk assist to lift the front end.

    Premier Icon Ambrose
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    Lots of good ideas, ta.

    Premier Icon phil56
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    @Ambrose- I’ve just got home from a week in Lets Gets/Morzine and saw loads of riders who needed assistance getting ebikes onto the lifts.

    The lifties were always happy to help, and it seemed the key was to indicate that help might be required before trying – this avoids any last second panic

    So many riders on ebikes now this is pretty standard stuff

    Premier Icon SirHC
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    Learn a little french and ask for assistance, the lifties are usually pretty good!

    Premier Icon Ambrose
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    Woop woop!

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