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  • Morzine insurance (Snowcard)
  • prezet
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    Just about to book insurance for our morzine trip in a few weeks. Trying to decide which one of their covers is most appropriate?

    “Mountain biking on high altitude trails (eg. Alpine or Himalayan destinations over 3000m)”


    “Mountain biking – all mountain, downhill, enduro, freeride and dirt jumping (excluding competitions)”

    We’re be riding the usual Morzine trails… not super gnar, but I’m sure the wheels will leave the ground at some point. About a £20 difference between the two.

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    I would be buying the downhill etc… One.
    However I normally use world nomads. Doing my quotes now. Snowcard is easy 4x price! Although i am gone 6 weeks which seems to put premiums right up!

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    Snowcard priced them selves out of the market along time ago for us

    When our daughter started competing Enduro Yellow Jersey were the only ones that would cover her with a 90 day world wide policy at a sensible price. Some of her racing buddies use the same and have had to claim which has always been professional and speedy.

    Since then we have used them for a few years with a yearly policy.

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    Mrs A smashed up her pelvis a while ago in Avoriaz. We were with ‘Dogtag’ who were good enough at the time we thought but only referred her into/ onto French NHS. Ongoing problems ever since make us reconsider using Dogtag again. Do other providers offer access to better/ faster/ most appropriate healthcare?

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    I joined the Austrian Alpine Club when I last MTB in the French Alps.

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    Be careful with AAC insurance now we are no longer in the EU. A quick look at that shows on €10000 for ‘medically necessary treatment’. It is really rescue insurance to get you off the mountain and then refer you into your regular medical cover. In a lot of countries, particularly as a foreigner, that means you need to pay for treatment. €10000 will not pay for much.
    The AAC are great but their insurance is not likely suitable for Brits abroad as it is designed round the need of Austrian residents.
    British Mountaineering Council provides good insurance for mountain based activities (including cycling off road). I don’t know how their price compares to Yellow Jersey, Snowcard etc

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    I had my E111 when we travelled but I guess it’s a totally different system now. Do your homework if you follow my link.

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