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  • Morzine – does anyone offer guided hikes?
  • Premier Icon euain
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    Looking to tap into the encyclopaedia that is STW…

    We are going to Morzine in early July. My daughter will be looking to do some walking / hiking and I’m hoping to arranger her to go out with a guide (in a group ideally) to explore for a couple of days.

    She’s 16, quite independent, pretty good grasp of French and quite fit (happy bagging Monroes, 20+ mile days etc) though has never been walking in the Alps.

    A couple of spectacular days in the hills and/or an overnighter somewhere staying in a mountain hostel would be perfect.

    Can anyone recommend any companies or offer advice?

    Premier Icon savoyad
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    This will be easy to organise and it’ll be great.
    Their summer programme isn’t published yet but it’ll have the kind of things you are asking about, probably rotating weekly (with some variety maybe). And there will be others offering the same. (I’m not familiar enough with Morzine to recommend anyone)

    Premier Icon euain
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    Bookmarked thanks.

    Not sure I’m googling badly but most of the guiding seems to be part of package holidays or I end up getting PDF walking guides. I suspect I’m a bit early too as – like the link – there’s still little summer stuff published.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    Eldest_oab just put his shoes on and explored the local peaks around Morzin when he was 17. He was there for a month biking, he solo or with pal just headed out.

    They looked up local peaks and trails online.

    Local hills were busy.

    Again, he has more than a few Munro’s under foot and competent on the hills.

    Premier Icon Stainypants
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    Paddy, our kids ski instructor is also qualified mountain guide in the summer. He was great with the kids, we’ve hired him as a ski guide next year.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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