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  • Morzine 24′ who’s meeting up, riding where/when ?
  • weeksy
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    I’ve met up with STWers most years we’ve been to Morzine, so no need to make this an exception.

    We’ll be there from the 8th Aug till the 20th (busy the first few days, more to follow on that).

    We’re not sure yet what bikes we’ll be riding, a couple will be on Eebs, a couple likely to be on manuals, i’ll have both with me depending on what days riding we’ve got planned.

    We’re staying just outside of town by the river.

    We’ve had a few classic days in Morzine over the years and would like to find some non-extreme but damn fine fun days out… even days/routes like PPDS are good…we’re not massive gaps/sends kind of boys more enduro-lite sort of levels of skills/trails.

    Even if it’s just meeting for a beer at Rhodos at the end of a day, it would be great to meet a few people from here.

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    We’re there 11th – 18th August – certainly up for chasing the lads down a run or two. We’ll have the lad on a DH bike and me chasing him on a manual enduro bike.

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    The wife-to-be and I will be there 22nd June for a week, for our honeymoon 😁

    First time for me, she’s been a few times in a past life. Very much looking forward to it.

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    Fantastic, that’ll be ace. James’s ex-team-mate Drew will be there too, along with a couple of other local racers from FoD area etc. (well, and most of the UK race scene i expect) so will be more than happy to hook up matey.

    I don’t do ‘chasing’ mine any more… that window has closed in a big way.

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    29th  June to the 9th July central Morzine after I booked I realised we’d be there for the uci Dh and Xc in les gets 👌

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    I have just bailed on going early July.  Having spent last summer in a cast – and taken another 3 months to get proper movement / strength back after a scaphoid break, I decided writing off this summer’s local riding / trips away/ motorcycling etc isn’t worth it.

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    Just booked Air B&B 4-11 July so will be across w/c weekend as well.

    Going with a mate who I’ve been on at for ages to go only for him to go with another lot last year.

    I have just bailed on going early July.  Having spent last summer in a cast – and taken another 3 months to get proper movement / strength back after a scaphoid break, I decided writing off this summer’s local riding / trips away/ motorcycling etc isn’t worth it.

    😕 Sorry to hear that, had some good trips tagging along with your group.

    29th June to the 9th July central Morzine after I booked I realised we’d be there for the uci Dh and Xc in les gets 👌

    Similar, that first week of July in. Got some other gigs that have had to take priority and a couple of trips with the missus.

    Looking forward to catching some WC action.

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    If you want to hook up let me know me and my oppo are pretty chilled out and will ride pretty much anything within reason and we like beer and ice cream.

    Doing a guided ride with jo @Rideability on the 3rd so may find some nice lines👍

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    I was back there for the first time in 8 years – 3-10 August, but Staying In Les gets by the Chevannes – just me and my 9-year-old, so I went back to Alpine Elements in the hope that he could find some friends in the hotel and not have to put up with me all the time.

    Think I rode with you Weeksy Morzine side and a few other forumites a few days including La Bourgeoise from les Gets (Great day out) 

    Ridden exclusively Finale other than covid years as prefer the trails/food/beach but be nice to get on a chairlift and not a landrover for a change & Morzine is my happy place .. Looking forward to introducing mini me

    Someone give us a wave if your about

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    You did indeed sir

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    20th July to 3rd Aug here – first time back since an extremely cold PPDS many moons ago. First week is just myself and the lad staying with Atlas as their prices seemed really competitive. Second week being joined by rest of the family staying in an apartment with More Mountain (recommended on here). I have no doubt this will be the year and location where he will leave me trailing in his (hopefully) dust.

    Will be first time driving there so any recommendations from regulars for an overnight stop would be great (needs to be secure for bikes on back of the car).

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    We’re currently looking at going out 14-21 or 21-28 July, stopping with Alptitude and hiring a big chalet. Might have a couple of spare beds/rooms if people are interested, drop me a DM. Its working out to be roughly £150 for the week, for accommodation (based on 8 people, we’ve already got 4 lined up). Mix of bikers and non bikers so far.

    It would be cool to meet up and ride with some other people so bookmarking this thread.

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    I’m also out 20th July to 3rd August, the Mrs. and the dog will be coming but they don’t ride so I’ll be on my tod. Will probably ride every other day (she loves nothing better than spending a day with a book, a sunny spot, and a nice pot of coffee) which should hopefully be better than last year where my hands/wrists were the limiting factor when riding every day!

    Also driving (from Manchester), we’re planning on taking an AirBnB somewhere around Arras(ish) for the overnight as the dog kicks off if there are noises during the night if we stay in a hotel. Doesn’t look too expensive and means the bike can come inside as well.

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    The wife and I are probably popping out for a week or so with the kids (both 5) at the start of July, but mainly for a holiday and a bit of a bimble around the area ans Les Gets green trail, etc rather than a proper riding holiday. We are in France the week before anyway and haven’t been to the Alpes since the wife was pregnant and just missed the place. Also the wife wants to introduce the kids to the mountains.

    – I can recommend the Alpes as a great honeymoon spot, we spent a month riding in the Alpes for ours (once we realised we could have either that or a week in Whistler!). I even proposed out there as well.

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    1st time this year in August

    ride an Eeb all the time at home but going to take a enduro bike and make use of the lifts and not have as much pedalling in between

    with having lung disease now I don’t fancy big pedally days ,done it couple of years ago in Czech Republic and back then when I was fitter the heat was unbearable

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    Late July for us, same Airbnb we always rent (ace off-piste return home from the Pleney).

    Usually go earlier in July, but avoiding the WC (both Tyreds jr agree that would eat too much into their riding time) this year.

    Could be the last time with both kids – eldest is at uni now, but not organised enough to join a uni bike club trip this year – time will tell.

    Looking forward to Morgins being open this year, that’s my favourite spot on the PdS (often just drive there as it’s a schlep riding there and back and I hate having to watch the clock).

    Tyred Jr the younger would happily lap Pleney black and all the off-piste in the woods there all day every day for a week. Who wouldn’t? 🙂

    Mrs Tyred won’t ride a MTB in Morzine, so I find myself split between doing walking/running etc with her and riding with the kids.

    Always find it hard to pick what to do after the lifts shut – piscine or skatepark or road ride or paddle along at Montriond or tennis, or just sitting about drinking beer. The good life 🙂

    We drive from Scotland via Eurotunnel, usually do an overnight in Kent so we can get an early train, then another overnight around Dijon/Chalon-sur-Saone, so we can get to Morzine about lunchtime the next day and fit in half a day’s riding without any of the driving legs being brutal.

    Airbnb for overnight stops, so you can pick somewhere with off-street parking, cook a dinner etc. Usually works out cheaper than hotel/motel type places if not everyone wants to sleep in the same room. Plus, you can turn up some weird gems, had a few of those.

    We head south (Provence/Drome/Ardeche) for a week or two after Morzine for a sunshine/swimming pool/chilling stay, Airbnb again. Going to exactly the same place in the Drome that we went last year, as it was unexpectedly amazing.

    It gets more expensive every year, but last year was nuts. Looking at the breakdown of what we spent, it was the supermarket shopping that had really gone up in cost. I get carried away in a Carrefour with the wine, cheese and general ace French stuff, plus I like cooking, so I’ve been warned to tone it down a bit this year!

    Usually go for a single overnight on the way home, Champagne or Ardennes, then just do the grim bit back up through England in one go.

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    A handful of us Calder Valley Shred Sisters (Shreddies for short) are out 13-20 July, with a couple of honourary boys/Shred Siblings. We’re a friendly bunch, so if you see (hear) us, say hi!

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    Is it my imagination or has accommodation shot up in price dramatically?

    Just looked at the apartment we’ve stayed in as a family a few times previously, albeit last time was  2016- we paid 900 quid for 9 nights then, late August now asking 385 a night, plus 150 for cleaning going direct, even more going through airbnb. From the photos, nothing at all’s changed in the way of furnishings/decor. Is this typical of pricing now, or just picked a bad example?

    Bretalet, if interested.

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    not seen that vinnyeh, we’ve just booked ours for PPdS weekend (we are not doing PPdS anymore, but it’s our trad weekend) and prices were comparable with previous years.

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