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  • Morellls wood farm, Leighton, Shrewsbury
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    We have booked a few nights and I’m interested in any nice days out for the kids in this area please. Aged 3 and 5.

    I’d also be accepting of any lovely pubs ideally with beer gardens to enjoy a few local ales.

    Thanks so much in advance.

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    Hello – I used to live just down the road from there in. I dont have kids, but here’s some stuff within striking distance:

    If you can take a bike then road and mountain biking in the area is really good. Avoid Ironbridge on the weekends if you dont like crowds!

    Buildwas Abbey – Free, kill an hour or so
    Ironbridge museusms – Blists Hill is fun but expensive, but theres 7 to choose from!
    A few castles in the area – ludlow castle is ace.
    Canoe and kayak hire on the severn – from ironbridge.
    Shropshire hills AONB for walking – stiperstones is nice
    Attingham park – National trust stuff
    Shrewsbury is nice – worth a visit in itself, but also
    -Hawkstone park follies
    -Falconry Centre
    -Indoor market hall
    -Quarry park is really nice and often has events on
    -A few bike shops!
    Bridgnorth furnicular, chips were good from the chippy at the top.
    Ludlow is nice too, but a bit further away, nice castle and lots of good pubs.

    Coracle in ironbridge for imported North American Ales – no beer garden, better as a take away.
    Woodbridge inn @coalport bridge has an ace beer garden right by the river, and an off road cycle path right to it.
    Salopian Brewery make lovely beers.
    Ludlow brewing co if you make it over that way.
    Myton and Mermaid at atcham has a nice beer garden.

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    Salopian Brewery make lovely beers.

    They do. Salopian Oracle (straight from the cask) is my favourite gold ale. Probably joint favourite beer of all (along with Bathams, again from the pump)

    The Long Mynd is beautiful and often interesting for wildlife. Cardingmill Valley gets rammed on hot days (especially weekends and holidays) but if you drive up The Burway above it (an experience in itself) there are some great kite-flying spots on the moor, and free-range ponies often stop by. On the other side is a lovely (and quite remote) family pub at Bridges (The Horseshoe) with tables along the riverbank. Again, it can get v busy on hot weekends but is a gem.

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    Lovely stuff. Thanks so much for the detailed response.

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    Ok, so I used to live about a mile away quite a few years ago!

    Yes, Ironbridge can be very busy for what it is. If you’re determined to go, and want to avoid the crowds then exploring around the steep streets above it is quiet and fun. Also, the view from under the bridge is way better by walking along the river. If you keep walking along towards the Best Western Hotel then there’s a nice little park down that way. You can get a posh little lunch there too.

    For a pub lunch and looking at a few bits and bobs then I’d recommend Coalport. The Woodbridge Pub is a favourite but busy on a Sunday and down by their river. I’m not sure they’ll let 8 year olds swim across the river and try and swim back before the current dragged us beyond the scope of the beer garden… Oh, the 1980s…

    However, definitely go to Blists Hill. Expensive but totally worth it and you can make a day of it properly exploring and walking all the bits. Loads of sights and smells for kids. Make sure you interact with all the volunteers to get the most out of it – my mum used to be the “Doctor’s Wife” – as they really bring it to life.

    For the kids, Telford Town Park is excellent if the kids are younger. Mazes and attractions, etc. A cracking park is a benefit of a new town!

    You’re in between Telford and Shrewsbury. Telford centre is new town meh, but Shrewsbury is lovely. You can spend a day mooching about there, various walks, pottering and lunch.

    Lastly, you’re right next to The Wrekin and so it’s well worth a bracing walk to the top. It’s a funny lump of stuff that really sticks out of the ground so on a clear day the views are great. Just seen the age of your kids, that’s a no! Too much for a 3 year old I’d hazard!

    As an interesting and educational walk then I’d have a mooch at the river meanders. You can see them on the map between Leighton and Buildwas/the power station (which they used to do tours of but not now). Park in a suitable lay by when you can see them and wander down to them. Epic pooh sticks were you thrown them (best a few!) in and the run across the meander is fun. Oxbow lakes, dad chat, yada yada!

    Have fun!

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    Theres also The Huntsman Inn at Little Wenlock about a mile away, whose website implies it’s reopened with the normal sorts of Covid restrictions in place. Linky
    CAMRA listed for the last couple of years. I dont think it has a beer garden as such, but there are a few tables outside the front in ‘normal’ times.

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    I’m not sure they’ll let 8 year olds swim across the river and try and swim back before the current dragged us beyond the scope of the beer garden… Oh, the 1980s…

    When I was at school in the mid-70s someone in my year drowned swimming near there. Might have been nearer Jackfield though.

    Can’t add anything to the earlier comments – pretty much covers it!

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    Amazing. Thanks again for taking the time for these in depth reviews. It is really appreciated.

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