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  • more tyres – which 26in tyre for the road
  • Panaracer Pasela?


    I’d always go for one of the Swchalbe with puncture protection. City Jet are cheap, never seem to wear out, never had a puncture. IMHO all that is worth a small amount of extra weight


    I need some new tyres on my road commuter Giant XTC. In the past I’ve used Specialized Nimbus 26×1.5 and the latest pair to wear out are Panaracer Rimbo 26×1.25. I had a quick look at Swchalbe Duranos but they seem a bit heavy, I’m looking to keep weight down. Is there anything other than another pair of Rimbos that I should consider?

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    Same thoughts on City Jet as jamiep except I had 6 or 7 deflations in ~10,000 miles, which I guess isn’t too bad (gone through 2 pairs and part-worn a third in that time). Each time a nail or small shard of glass got through the protection layer. It appears to be a bit on the lean side compared to the Marathon tyres.

    Now running 26×1.5″ Marathon Racer and liking them.

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    I’ve got a pair of Schwlabe Marathon XRs. Totally bombproof. The last pair wore out after about 10,000 miles, with zero punctures.

    The newer ones (~500 miles perhaps) are just sitting on the shelf doing nothing, you’re welcome to make me an offer…


    I have Spesh Fatboy’s in 1.25 and liked them a lot before i bought a road bike

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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