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  • More Tubeless advice please,
  • dmw536

    If you have access to a compressor you will probably be able to get your current tyres to inflate and seat nicely. I’ve been using a standard high roller 60a on my flow EX for 6 months with very few problems besides getting it to seat in the first place. Although recently its got a slow leak somewhere on it and keeps going flat!


    Having recenty got some Flow EX built up with Pro 2’s i opted to keep my original High Rollers 2;35 42a Front 60 rears for no other reason than to see how my new build conpared to my old ride as i found my old bike very hard to pedal,

    I’ve been running tubes as well for comparison and because i know naff all about running tubeless, however over the last week i’ve suffered punctures in my rear tube where the tube sits against the rim tape, initially i thought spoke damage but it looks like the tube has rubbed against the tape and balled up and caused the punctures, 5 in a week !

    So instead of running tubes in tubeless tyres i thought i’d hurl myself into this millenium and give it a go, i need the following advice, MAXXIS HR2’s

    42a Super Tacky
    3C Compound
    MaxPro 60a

    i’m 15 stone kitted up, they are going on a Nomad, i ride quite heavy “lack of skill” and have always pinch flatted, the wire beaded originals are still an excellent tyre and i dont get much problems with them if any .

    any help on which tyre please

    thank you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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