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  • Premier Icon oldfart

    For reasons best known to driver he decided the best place to leave my new wheel rim when no one was in was UNDER our car !! 😛 I don’t usually go in our garage through main door , as I was closing it I saw what I thought was a piece of cardboard blown under the car ! Would have made a lovely crunchy noise as our car swung out of the drive . E Mailed them to explain that I didn’t think it was an ideal place to leave and their response was to tell me the parcel had been delivered ! Still saved me chasing round for it I suppose ! 😛

    Premier Icon wallop

    They recently took a parcel of mine to my local post office, which I thought was brilliant!

    Premier Icon oldfart
    Premier Icon weeksy

    They’ve just texted me at 7.09am to tell me my parcel is arriving today. Grrrrrr.

    Although it is my Commencal Meta AM29 so i’m quite (VERY) excited 🙂


    I’ve never had a single issue with Parcel Force, use them a lot as well….oh, is this not the right thread for me then 😀

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Make sure you check under your car weeksy… 😉

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    They texted me last night at 10ish to tell me the frame I was building up would be delivered yesterday.

    Nice of them to tell me something that already happened would be happening in the past…


    FedEx left a parcel outside our house, because the neighbours were out. Thing is WE were out as well. Suppose he couldn’t be arsed to walk back next door again. ARSE.


    I quite like them tbh. Their attitude seems to have changed from ‘bad luck you weren’t in’ to ‘we’ve left it in the porch/meter cupboard/over the fence/behind the tree/with the neighbours.

    Premier Icon alfabus

    a few years back, they left some forks in my bin… this was back in the days before the new CRC packing robot, when they used to wrap things up in bin liners.

    so they left something wrapped in a black bin liner, in the bin. and didn’t leave a note.

    nothing could possibly go wrong there, could it?

    Premier Icon ransos

    Could be worse: I was given a 12 hour collection slot my Yodel (via Parcel2go), who failed to turn up. They texted me to say that they had tried to collect. Yeah right – we were in all day (especially), the door bell works and there was no card left. Their response was to offer a recollection with a 12 hour slot. These people don’t live in the real world…

    All parcel delivery companies seem to be employing a special sort of individual these days, I guess the adage pay peanut, get monkeys deffo applies.

    UPS left my cardboard box containing electronic items on the drive in the pissing rain all day yesterday and signed for it himself. MyHermes managed to not turn up to collect at all, Yodel managed to deliver a parcel minus its contents. Royal mail was the only one that delivered correctly and in 1 piece.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Well the automated stuff is working well… just got a text

    “your parcel will be delievered in the next 90 mins”


    You should try the postal service in cyprus.
    Won a frame on eBay, from Israel. The seller was a top guy with 100% feedback.
    Postage was £40 tracked and insured so I was happy.
    In 3 days it was in Cyprus, followed the tracking 5 days to do 60 miles with in cyprus.
    Said they tried to deliver but could not find address and would contact address to say they tried??
    Then sent out a card to collect from post office.(to the address they could not find?)
    Lazy gits.

    On the plus side they just charged vat, the women could not understand a bike bit was worth more than €150 so would Charge for this, instead of the paper price, so a nice outcome really.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Ours used to do the bin thing all the time. Another hid a parcel under a (massive) flowerpot but didn’t tell us, we ended up filing a nondelivery claim and getting money back, then found it about 6 months later.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    parcelforce just delivered here – small jiffybag from CRC (I miss the giant boxes 🙁 ) needing a sig, but I couldn’t remember ordering anything

    Van driver, who’s a good bloke, said “it’s probably a freebie in return for all the stuff you do order”

    Premier Icon Orangejohn

    Ten times better than Yodel I am told.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    Yodel’s just been too – package intact, nice bloke

    I’m in a parallel universe, clearly

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    parcelforce delivered a laptop to us a day early.
    as it was a day early no one was in, so they left it on the front door step, (not at the back door, not under the car, not in the back garden, not next door, not at the post office.) but on our front door step. £380 laptop in a cardboard box with LENOVO LAPTOP written on it in big letters.
    i still regret not playing the where is my laptop game with them.


    Around 13-15 years ago I ordered a pair of RST 381’s Forks just before Christmas from CRC..

    After many phone calls to CRC they supplied a second pair which arrived in good time.

    Around 4 months later at the start of summer we removed the cover off the patio furniture … guess what we found…. a moldy cardboard box containing a pair of forks in a sealed plastic bag!! – result and forks sold to a mate!!

    Couriers have never changed 🙂


    I ordered a (music) keyboard as an Xmas present and even though there were no markings on the box the courier must’ve realised it was something delicate and left it with one of the neighbours, together with a wordy description of where he’d left it on the card


    Ordered some forks, delivered through parcelforce to my address apparently, signed for by someone, not me. What should i do? No card left…. it was a 48hr delivery which only covers up to £100 compensation, forks worth 350…

    bricking it

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Is it just me or is the tracking on Parcelforce absolute crap?

    Place an order at CRC on Monday.

    Finally dispatched yesterday with a Parcelforce tracking number

    Parcelforce website says they have no idea about the tracking number


    Yep parcelforce tracking is terrible.

    Unlike interlink express who the other day when a delivery was due, emailed to tell me who the driver was “click here to see where Steve is right now” Google maps pops up with Steve’s location, “Steve is making delivery 38, you are number 59, he should be with you in 1.5 hours.”

    I then watched him move closer and closer until the doorbell rang. Brilliant, all tracking should be like this.

    p.s. omg how many deliveries per day do these guys do? I was number 59 and it was only midday!

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