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  • rogerthecat

    Just ridden over Bradwell Moor along Dirtlow Rake and right past Rowter Farm and a good few tons of limestone chippings have been used to fill in all the he’s and generally smooth out the trail. It’s loosely consolidated and the trail bikes we met had already carved some of it up. It seems a waste of time, effort and money as well as the loose stuff being rubbish for riding.


    If its where I think you mean,isn’t that the farm access road? Not getting paranoid are you roger? 🙂


    Don’t think it is, between the info board that shows what the quarry used to look like up there, through to the other side of the junction at the top of Cave Dale, where all the big holes used to be. There is some filling in right up to the Farm, the lane from the farm to the road is mostly tarmac anyway.

    And if you lot didn’t keep asking questions in such an accusative manner I’d be a lot better by now.

    To quote the trail biker as he gouged a nice line up to me, “It’s like riding on carpet now.”


    YEP they are certainly smoothing out the Peaks these days “SHAME”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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