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  • piemonster

    You just as well have




    I’m quite happy to argue proper stats, iwb, if everybody else can stop with introducing spurious ones like the actual number who actually died


    Well have any of you actually bothered to look at the journal articles me and aracer have posted, they don’t entirely agree with one another but the statistics are a far cry from being a cut and dry issue.

    So I’m going to side with Aracer here, I don’t think he had made his points in the best of fashions but you guys are bordering on being dicks here – mobbing him for his opinions instead of making reasoned debate.

    I think a far more interesting conversation would be “What else apart from legislation has led to a decrease in gun related deaths”. I have a hunch that would lead to more philosophical, sociological and psychological introspection into the kind of world we want to live in.

    I’ll make my thoughts about this subject clear in a couple of days, right now I’m preparing for an exam and applying for a space physiology course (I decided I want to be blasted at escape velocity towards Mars so I can escape this shit) so I have better things to be doing.


    I read your link and the conclusion was pretty clear tbh as to what it found and the more guns handed in the greater it fell. *

    I dont think anyone thinks banning guns stops it but it would seem [rather obvious and backed up] that freely available guns does tend to make it worse.

    As for guns the best line i heard was americas relationship to guns is like our relationship to booze. – others have higher rates but nothing like our problems so there is more to it than numbers and clearly some psychology or socio economic or cultural factor is at play.

    * given how many pages it was i would be surprised if you read it all as I skimmed it – I commented on the article as well iirc.


    1994. No one died.
    1995. No one died.
    1996. No one died.
    1997. No one died.
    1998. Someone died.

Viewing 6 posts - 136 through 141 (of 141 total)

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