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  • More bike choice dilema.
  • Tom83

    After being mucked about by CRC, I’m now looking again at either a 2011 Anthem X3 or Trance X3 from Pauls. The Anthem is £200 cheaper, and slightly better specced, but I’m wondering if the extra inch (fnaar!) travel would be better in the long run.
    I wouldn’t describe my riding as full on gnar, but for the odd trip to wales etc, I’m wondering if the Trance would be better all round.

    Anyone ridden both? I’ve had loads of positive comments already on here from Anthem owners, but are there any Trance owners?

    Hi Tom,
    I had a 2010 Anthem up until a few months ago and now have a 2010 Trance. Have to say I thought the Anthem was a fantastic wee bike, it got ridden on lots of different terrain and always came out the other side in one piece. I ran it with u turn revs usually set at 120mm and mainly xt components topped of with some American Classic wheels. It weighed in about 28lb so not too heavy. The Trance has all the bits from the Anthem on it as I bought it frame only, although I did add a Reverb and stuck some dual position coil sektors on it. The Trance weighs 30lb. The Trance doesn’t have the same kick to it when you put the power down, but its not far off. Where it is better is when things get a bit rougher, I can let the bike do its own thing more in this situation. I was always a bit more cautious on the Anthem. To be honest I’d be happy with either bike. The Anthem can be ridden almost as hard as the Trance on the same type of terrain but its a bit easier on the climbs.


    Thanks for that, Phil. That was pretty much the answer i was expecting. Cheers!

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