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  • Moonglu – any good for wheel builds?
  • stevious

    THinking of getting some Stan’s Arch on Pro II from moonglu, but just thought I’d check to see what they’re like first.

    Anyone got any good/bad stories to tell?

    I’ll admit I’m slightly put off by the name of the shop.


    Hi stevious,

    It doesn’t seem like anyone has any stories good or bad. Hopefully someone will roll up eventually with a good story, I think we’re gathering pace with our wheel building reputation, we certainly try our best to keep people happy. If you would like to get in touch we’ll do our best to help you out. Contact Neil on 01765 601106 or email">

    Sorry you don’t like the name, it was named before I bought the shop and it kindof stuck. It’s catchier than Ripon Cycle Store if not everyones cup of tea.


    I’ve only had my wheels trued by Moonglu but they did a very good job – highly recommend them.


    Sorry I missed this post.

    I’ve got a pair of Pro2 with Arch that Neil built for me about 18 months ago.

    The build has been faultless – still well tensioned and straight after plenty of use in the Lakes, Dales, NY Moors, trail centres etc etc. They’ve been used several times per week for most of that time.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a Moonglu wheelset (and they were built quickly).

    I’m planning to take my Nicolai to Moonglu for a service soon.


    Do an advanced search for ‘Moonglu’.

    There are loads of comments –

    podman – Member

    I got mine built up by Moonglu, who were brilliant from start to finish. Allowed me to get exactly what I wanted (White Arch rims & 15mm/ 142x12mm) for no more than the cost of Hoops.

    robsoctane – Member

    I’ve recently purchased some Stan’s Arch EX on Hope 2 Evo. Blinding wheels, really light for their strength, you can’t go wrong for £360. Got them at Moonglu.

    Ollie_H – Member

    I’ve bought wheels built by Merlin before, I had to re-tension them before I even rode them. Whereas, I will only buy wheels from Moonglu now. I’ve had 2 sets of the Hope/Stans from Neil (Moonglu) and they’re brilliant (including some pretty ugly/big hits in the Alps). Bit of a no-brainer for me now.

    street – Member

    I’ve had a pair of Arch EX rims on Pro2 hubs for a couple weeks now.

    I’ve only had the time to do about 30 miles on them but they seem perfect for the type of riding I do (N Wales, Penmachno, Clwyds, Peaks etc). Not really got much to compare them to apart from the stock wheels I had, but compared to them they seem very light and definitely made it easier climbing!

    I got mine from Moonglu, excellent service and they arrived a couple days after ordering!

    Premier Icon Alex

    set of hope/flows nearly two years ago. At least 3000kms since. No problems at all and Neil even chucked in a couple of valves I was short. Top service.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Just to add to the concensus, got a mixed set of an arch and a crest proII this year and they’ve been spot on. Only been riding them for a couple of months so it’s early days, but v happy thus far. Service was great – v quick and no hassle.


    Dear Moonglu, I think that I got the best wheels on the planet for the cost from you… Stan’s Arch EX on Hope Evo 2’s. Red hubs and white rims looking full bling bling!!

    They were true, have taken on several weeks of proper bashing and remain the same.

    Your delivery is very good and cost was great!

    I was emailed and asked about which hub set up I wanted just to check before you built them, very good service.

    I therefore recommend Moonglu to all people that would like some bling Hope wheels at a great cost.

    Thanks Moonglu – I WILL be back when I need more Hope parts, you have my word and admiration. 😉

    Premier Icon Trekster
    Friend of mine is in the race team, Hodgson. He certainly rates their wheels 😆


    I can only agree with the above. Moonglu built me a wheel about November time, absolutely spot on, no problems, highly recommended. Get your @r$e there, you’ll not be disappointed!

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