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    Super bright and USB chargeable. I love mine. Don;t have the rear one though.

    Anyone running one of these? Am looking for a “Be seen” light for use around town on the Brompton, and have been impressed with the Shield light I use on my helmet.

    Also, is the rear one worth a look? (Or do I stick with my Holy Hand Grenade of Cateye and Moon Shield combination?)


    Thanks. Couple of other questions, if I may….

    Battery life?
    If it came down to it, would it do for the odd country lane dash? From a station, along a well known road, with v. bright rears and ankle bands.

    I think you’d be OK — I’ve got a comet on the front (mounted vertically on the frame rather than the bars – left on while folded) and the Shield under the seat.

    The comet is great as a “be seen” light, and I’m really happy with it for city/streetlight commutes BUT it doesn’t project very far, so if you’re looking for something to illuminate a dark lane/towpath you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.

    I’m planning on keeping my comet and potentially adding a more conventional light if I find I need more on dark nights.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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