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  • carbon337

    yeah looked interesting – not as good as last one – building home etc but still ok.

    I went to his hut in Applecross last summer – stunning location but there was a massive MOD site right next to it that was cut out of every single tv scene.

    Didnt stop me having a skinny dip in the sea with the wife though 🙂

    Ahhhhh…. it was beautiful. Totally won me over. I was thinking it was going to be another self-satisfied, overly precious, 'hey look at me looking at nature in the Outer Hebrides'-type BBC ham-fest (a la the irritating pointlessness of celebrity cameraman Simon King), but no! Here was this slightly irreverent, downbeat, charismatic bloke bashing in fence posts, going trail-running with a camera and accusing his dog of being "an idiot with a tail attached".

    Bloody brilliant.

    Anyone got any idea what type of dog that is? I. Want. One. 😛


    he got it from PDSA in Bristol before the first series. It does seem fairly bonkers though – must have some hidden Springer in there somewhere.

    Is that the idiot that was moaning there was no pig farmers in the Hebridies. (did he not notice there are not a lot of pig farmers in Scotland)Its all sheep and coos


    Anyone catch this last night? Looking like it will be a really interesting series, BBC iPlayer linkage here.

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    He lost me when he started cozying up to the landowner.

    Cheers for the heads up will sit down and watch that later


    I liked the bit about finding cockles. Inspite of being a from a sea side town I didn't know that one…….

    Ruben the dog = Legend! Star of the show.


    It's a nice series but the kit he has it a bit OTT – new RIB, new Landy, quad, etc, etc – is it all needed and how much is it costing the BBC?!

    Same old RIB, same old Landy. It's his own RIB and his own Landy. What's the problem?


    Watched it on iplayer today, great prog and I want to go back there, now! Spent couple of weeks doing the tour last year with the family. Stunningly beautiful places and so relaxing. Beware of the squals tho'! We were in a tent! How do you get a job like that? Islands, boat, dog and pigs! Bliss

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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