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  • Monsal Trail extension, Peak District – please support.
  • PaulB

    At a meeting last night at Rowsley Village Hall, the Peak Park Planning Officer Chris Fridlington said there is still time to register your comments about the planning application to extend the Monsal Trail from Bakewell (Combs RD) through the Haddon Hall estate to Rowsley at Church Lane (next to the Peacock Hotel). This is only one stage in the creation of the proposed 60 mile loop but a crucial one. It means you can avoid the A6 from Bakewell to Rowsley. There were quite a few local residents who are going to object on the grounds of parking issues and some safety concerns, all of which we think can be accommodated.

    However we need you to send in your comments of support now.

    Go to here to support

    Go to here for more information



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    Thrown my support behind it. It would be a nice addition to off-road cycling up there.


    Thanks for your support guys.


    all signed up. we visit friends in great longstone quite often and always go fo a ride or walk along the trail, the kids love it especially the tunnels


    Would this somehow make it easier for the preserved steam line from matlock to rowsley/Network Rail to extend tracks along this route in future?
    “It means you can avoid the A6 from Bakewell to Rowsley”
    You can do that already can’t you by using a few b.ways? Though having never ridden them I’m clueless as to how suited they are for non-MTBers/MTBs?

    I don’t mean to belittle this in any way as a cycle path extension to rowsley I can see would be a very useful addition. Just interested


    You can go from Bakewell to Youlgreaves to Darley dale on Bridleways.



    From memory the earliest that there could be any enquiry into use of the trail for trains, but it would have to include an alternative for the trail would be 2025. It was thrown out of parliament in the mid 90’s.

    Much of this is thanks to Lord Manners and the Haddon Estate who’s land it is or was.

    The inclines that the current bridleways follow are fine for ‘cyclists’. The trail will be used by commuters along the Derwent Valley, Tourists (new income streams), the relatively flat and maintained trails are ideal for people using wheelchairs and specialy addapted bikes for various disability groups. Not to forget horse’s and walkers. A great place for getting young people out on bikes in a relatively safe environment. Plus it makes a great route for linking to other bridleways along the valley and eventually the circular route that will be formed.



    done, good luck.

    Done – good luck!

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    James – you can use some bridleways between Rowsley and Bakewell and they are quite ridable. But it is a bit steep in places, from the Rowsley end, which are fine for such fine, fit specimen’s as us. This trail as Paul says is at a lower and flatter elevation and will be family friendly.

    Funnily enough I was partly involved in looking at costings for re-instating the line from Matlock to Manchester and I did raise the question of the effect on walkers and cyclists through this area and Monsal Dale. Was nice to ride the MD tunnels a couple of months ago that have been reopened for leisure use.

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    Done. Having enjoyed the Monsal trail with my daughter in her trailer, I’d love to be able to extend the ride a bit without having to use main roads. Should the trail get linked up with the Tissington/High Peak trails that would make for a nice little trip for a night away with the family.


    Excellent. Very impressed that you’ve got permission to run it under Haddon from the landowner – and that you’re not pedestrianising the bridleway through Manners Wood which was my initial fear!

    However, care to explain a little more about this :

    “The track down to Rowsley is rather steeper and
    needs some repairs where erosion has gouged
    out deep ruts. It joins Church Lane and the main
    route through the Haddon Tunnels.”

    Is this the Bridleway in to the village itself?


    On map 5 – you seem to be proposing the existing bridelways become “horse routes” ?

    What’s the intention here?

    Whilst I’m all for opening up cycling where I live, I don’t want to see it at the expense of the few decent bridleways we have.


    Looks like the existing cheeky singletrack between Rowsley and Matlock will be turning into a large cycle path if the proposal goes through. Be a shame to lose it 🙁

    Did almost the exact route intended last weekend. Out on the high peak trail, cut across through Chelmorton/Deep dale and back down the Monsall trail. Nice 40 odd mile day out.

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