Monorail, monorail, monorail

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  • Monorail, monorail, monorail
  • Maxxis monorail any good?

    It’d be the tubeless versions if i go for them?


    not too stable in corners then?


    A gr8 race tyre as long as the conditions arent 2 extreme


    i really like them, i’m using the 2.1 exception non ust and works fine tubeless.
    raced them in wet n muddy and dry conditions, basically perfect in the dry loose or hardpack, you can corner hard on them. in the wet they are good too, good grip on climbs.
    the week points are they clog a bit on the sides (like most tires) and they also dont like muddy off camber sections (like most tires) but were useable at crowhill the other month in the mud

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    Is good on the race bike.

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    Running the 2.1 Exception version – I really like them. Currently got one on the rear of my 5.5, with a 2.1 Advantage up front, both converted to tubeless. I find it an excellent rear tyre, light and fast rolling and able to scrabble grip out of a surprising range of conditions. I find it benefits from being run at slightly lower pressures than normal to improve traction, and there’s very little drag penalty for doing this. It’s best trick is cornering, though, the edge tread is remarkably solid and supportive for leaning over on, something which is not true of a lot of faster tyres. I’ve not fitted one to the front yet, although I do have one earmarked for this use on my faster wheels (partnered with a 2.1″ Crossmark out back). I suspect that as a front, there will be a distinct reduction in braking performance over my Advantage – but it’ll still be much better than a Crossmark (an awful front tyre in any sort of loose).

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    I heard they glide as softly as a cloud…

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