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  • Mono minis eating brake pad springs
  • TandemJeremy

    I use hope original pads as you get new springs in the pack. You can run them without the springs – all the spring does is stop the pads rattling / touching the disc when the brake is off.

    Exactly what TJ said. Only had the problem once when the pads were shot. Are the calipers properly aligned? If one end of the pad gets worn first you need to adjust

    I get this problem but by bending the spring out slightly with some pliers I can pretty much wear the pads to the backing plate.

    Horrible noise when they get sucked into the disk!


    david jey

    So, for the umpteenth time the brake pad spring on my mono minis has mangled itself. This happens long before the pads are worn down (usually at about 50%) wear, and is presumably caused by one end of the spring snagging on the rotor.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Could it be some kind of setup issue? Seems to occur only with Fibrax-type pads with the round- rather than square-edged springs. But sourcing the square-edged ones seems to be increasingly difficult…anyone know where they can be found at sensible prices? Alternatively does anyone have a sack of spare springs to fit all the half-worn brake pads I have lying around 😐


    Think it may be due to the curved upper of the pads putting the spring closer to the rotor. Use a 2mm key between the pads to hold them in place when re-fitting the wheel without the spring, stops the little beggars flopping about and getting in the way.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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