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  • Monitor calibration 'woes' – advice please….
  • marsdenman

    In a nutshell, in the good old days I’d use my Spyder 3 to calibrate my screen (mac cinema display, driven by a now 4 generations old MBP). I’d check calibration weekly. It hardly budged.

    Since going to a newer MBP (that will soon be 2 years old). Same screen, if I’m editing I find i’m having to calibrate it on a daily basis. Brightness varies wildly – from way dark to way light.
    I know, in the real world it’s a first world problem – it’s just getting on my nerves!

    Syder software is up-to-date.
    Could it be the graphics card.
    Could it be the ‘new’ port the screen pugs into.
    Could it be the screen – 4 years old?

    Guess it could be ‘all of the above’ but i’ve no way (i can think of) that I can prove it to be any one / a combination thereof? I’ve certainly no access to another screen…

    Premier Icon ampthill

    I’d try the digital darkroom forum of

    Sorry not sure what MBP stands for.

    It will be software not the monitor

    Is it stable in brightness if you uninstal the spyder software

    I sort of reget bothering calibrating with a spyder. Room lighting is such a huge varible for me that it swamps the benefits


    Calibrated to what? Some sort of ISO standard or just to your liking?


    Do you have the auto light adjustment switched on?


    Cheers all – sorry for the dealy – still no inter web at home…

    ampthill – MBP – macbook pro (sorry 😉 )
    Room brightness varies a little, it’s the brightness off the screen that appears to be slipping….

    Guess I can try uninstalling + starting again.

    Euro – it’s calibrated to a standard set of parameters – what ISO or similar spec that is I do not know. I only know that my workflow is based around the settings = prints I get back from the lab are just as I expect them to be.

    McHamish – auto brightness on Spyder is off (will double check), screen does not have a sensor…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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