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  • aw

    always had shonky mtbs but now i have some real dosh to spend!

    Should I go Ti or carbon and which make/model should I go for?

    I prefer steel and have always avoided suspension and lately I have been to single speeds more…any ideas…if you had the money what would you buy?

    I am not that mechanically minded and quite lazy so would want built for me i.e. not just frame…


    On One Ti 29 with rebas and singlespeed.

    Im sure Brant can manage that for under £2k

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    give me the oney and i will test many bikes and get back to you


    Like my Land Rover [Tangiers orange] Land Rover G4 Challenge double suspension/double disc expedition bike You can see them at 2X2 Land Rover use these on their vehicle challenges so cannot be that bad Mine has had a few technical issues, all now sorted Has seen me through a bad winter and have been using it nearly everyday for 2 years and has proved a really good bike Now I'm not going to blow the praises up as I know there is so much better mountain bikes out there, mine was bought for a measly £300 over three years ago so know it's not in the super league yet has been a wonderful bike to own and use 😀

    On-one, pah!

    You'll be wanting Ti then if you like steel, just you wait till you try Ti though, be a bit more lively with more feedback.

    Next, brand, Lynskey 26" ss looks quite tasty.
    Then of course an old skool black sheep for classic beach look.

    wack some cromo or pace rc31's on either of which you have chosen.

    OR if you have real man's money, then a Whyte 19 Ti would be the ticket.

    Food for thought. 😛

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    Holy thread resurrection, bat man!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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