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  • money no object……..the best hubs.
  • boblo

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    Yep Phil Wood or Royce. Engineering over consumerism every time.
    What does that even mean!????

    Oh do keep up! Remedial class is over there -> -> 🙂

    It means choosing finely engineered products over bling, fashion or what’s flavour of the month. Tsssk, some people 😉

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    money no object hubs
    on a mtb forum
    simple question i reckon duirhd……. 😀

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    Although there are better hubs out there, I love my Chris King hubs.

    I paid £240 for the rear about 4 years ago from Stiff, on offer and £100 for a 20mm front one a year later, again from Stiff, on offer. It was my 40th birthday prezzie. The front was just a moment of madness as I was totally happy with my hope hub but saw it on offer and in the same colour as the rear (silver) and though, sod it!

    Not sure I’d want o pay full wack though.

    They look and feel lovely. Building them into a wheel was so satisfying.

    I’ve stripped the rear once, it was immaculate inside. Not bothered since. The freewheeling noise out of the rear is lovely, like the noise a herd of bees might make if they were chasing you.

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    i like the look of king hubs, also looking at phil wood touring hubs.


    How many people on here recommending Royce hubs have actually owned a pair??

    I have and i wouldn’t own another pair. Beautiful to look at but no end of problems and some very bad design flaws and heavy too – such as the end caps screw on rather than push on so can unscrew if you don’t keep your eye on them and there is no easy way to keep them tight as there is no flats for a spanner.

    I think you should only recommend a product if you have actually owned the product.

    Best hubs – without question DT 240


    The Royce I have truly is a fantastic hub, wish I could afford one for each end of each of my bikes


    I really, really like the old shimano roller-clutch hubs. Ultimate stealth, instant take-up and I had one for 5 years on the singlespeed with not a single moments maintenance.


    Phone Royce,talk to Cliff for a bit (he likes to talk!).
    Then buy his hubs.
    Pauls have I9 guts now….whizzy noise.


    value: XT / XTR’s and hope.
    all factors: BOR / Tune or 240 / 190s. All very good.

    Kings are very nice, proprietary servicing tools need tho.
    Woods are nice too.

    I had a set of middleburn hubs from way back; they had grease ports on them, never had to break them down, they just ran and ran and ran – do they make hubs any more?

    Lastly – Profile hubs. Indestructible.

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    I’d stick with my kings. I’d previously had Royce and unless they’ve improved in recent years, I’d stay clear. My set had poor bearing life and no adjustment. My mate had three hubshells crack, yes Royce changed them, but he had to pay for the service and the wheel rebuilds. The Royce do look and sound fabulous (think old campag) but they are too fragile IMO.


    Phil Wood makes a field serviceable hub which I like the sound of.

    Somehow I broke a flange on a DT Swiss 440 hub, my Chris Kings, Hadley and Hope Pro 3s have been faultless.

    But head and shoulders above them all are a set of Hope XC that have seen service through every winter since I got them in 2005.

    I’d go with Hope and use the change you’d have spent on the bling for a flight somewhere to try and wear them out. 😀


    D45yth. Yesterday with 2 king rear hubs. Both owned by very experienced riders who know how to service their kit. Both aknowledged that it may be worth getting some cheap nasty hubs as they are better in sub zero. So that answers your question i hope?

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    I have some DT240’s which are four years d and abused! Still run and run. Not flash looking but a great bit if kit.

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    Phil Wood’s easy to service and look fab but heavy, love my hope’s but love my DT 240s as well,easy servicing and go forever. Hope Ti Glides from 2002 sill going strong just competed their 4th 3 Peaks.
    Kings just look to much hassle to look after but never having owned a set cant comment on real world use.
    Bearing change on the Phil Woods is just as easy as a Hope.

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    Anyone used the White Ind Eno hubs…?
    Any good ?

    I have Surly SS hubs that just seem to go on & on.


    Of the hubs I’ve actually used then it would be i9’s for me, I’ve read the sealing isn’t the best but mine haven’t been serviced in the 18 months I’ve had them and still seem fine to me. Whatever the ‘correct’ answer is I think the rear needs 120 PoE minimum, anything less clearly isn’t the best.

    When the last time time you actually saw this happen?

    Last winter? Only person I know with CK MTB hubs. They froze solid. Might be a problem as simple as CK’s choice of lube rather than a hardware issue, but still amusing.

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