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  • Money 'lost' due to the bad weather etc.
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    Eh? If people couldn’t get in to the shops, due to the weather, then you never had the money in the first place. Your expectations were wrong that’s all.

    They do this with stuff like “£3.32 billion lost due to sick days” – What? Where is this perfect world where nobody takes a sicky?

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    From the “The Tiger That Isn’t”

    “A convenient number to help in this sort of calculation is 3.12 billion (3,120,000,000), which is the UK population (60,000,000), multiplied by 52, the number of weeks in a year. This is about how much the government needs to spend in a year to equal £1 per person per week in the United Kingdom. Divide any public spending announcement by 3.12 billion to see its weekly worth if shared out between us”


    £3.32 billion lost

    These ridiculous figures the media comes out with don’t make any sense. It would be fairer to say that £3.32 billion is distributed differently. Money doesn’t just disappear. On a simple level, if an office is closed for a day, they don’t make any money, but the people who would have paid for those services still have the money in the bank.

    I lost money due to the bad weather. We had 2 bookings cancelled (circa £400) and we had to cancel another one due to the water supply freezing. So – that’s a total of £600 loss at the leanest time of year. Coupled with exceptionally heavy bottled gas usage and it all adds up. We are still up on last year though so can’t grumble too much 🙂



    I lost about £2 when i dropped it in the snow. Does that count?


    No GregMay, as I found it and spent it on post ride grub. So it wasnt lost, it was redistributed 🙂

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