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  • lister11

    Riding a standard Dune at present but, as good as it is, I think a foxy would have been a better choice.

    Despite racing the mega and MoH it gets used mostly in the UK and never really, occasionally thouh, on DH tracks. Defo more down orientated riding though.

    So, looking at a frame swap.

    The new foxy xr, with the forward geometry, is designed around 160 forks so it would be a straight component swap and sell the dune frame.

    Anyone ridden the new type foxy with the long TT and short stem?
    Good as the scarce reviews?

    Aside from looking odd….any big handling issues?

    Premier Icon ash

    I had a quick go on Fabien Barel’s Foxy XR a couple of weeks back. It felt planted and stable as anything.

    Hi Lister11

    The Forward Geometry concept is pretty awesome. When you actually look at the science behind it and the benefits it brings it’s easy to see why it’s been done and who the target audience is.

    I’m utterly convinced by it, however, as I work at Silverfish, the Mondraker distributor, I realise my opinion will be taken with a pinch of salt. As such, what part of the country are you based in? We’re just starting to ship these bikes out to dealers and some are running their own demos so if you let me know I’ll see if I can point you towards a dealer and you can see for yourself.




    That’s exactly what I need…….

    Camberley area.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Just to mention, if you are interested in swapping/exchanging, a friend of mine has a Foxy but wishes he’d gone for the Dune…
    Its a great bike but he is probably more of a dune rider…

    Hey Lister11

    Can you ping me an email and I’ll try and I’ll try and get you sorted out.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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