Mondraker Dune chain guide?

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  • Mondraker Dune chain guide?
  • lister11


    Bought a 2011 dune. Superstar plasma chainguide (cheap and solid as it is) will not fit. Running a 36t chainring. The chainstay edge means fitting it at a stupid angle and then the top guide sits so far back its either useless or rubs the chain something horrid.

    So, does anyone run it 1×9/10?

    If so, what guide works well?

    Not really looking for a silent guide (seen Barel using one on his Foxy). Also seen what looks like an E13 but cant make out which (or if it even is).

    Most awkward new frame ever. Weird (exposed) cable routing means i need all longer hoses and cables and now this. Surely internal would be the ticket!

    Anyway, i digress.


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