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  • Mondopoint guide sizing
  • z1ppy
    Member I’m looking at some replacement boots online, but they have no local retailer and I’m looking for online bargain anyways. The manufacturers boot sizing guide uses the mondopoint guide, which my biggest foot come out at an Uk 8.5 size, except I normally buy a size 10 (was 11!) or shimano size 46… Is the mondopoint guide any use? I was assuming it would take into account adding some spacing around your foot, but with my measurement, this doesn’t seem to hold true.


    ah…yes the old mondo point sizing. I am a uk size 8.5 or maybe a 9 depending on the brand – mondo point I am a 27.5. It is pretty accurate for me.

    There are some mondo conversion tables on a couple of sites but it is not always clear if they are talking US or UK sizes in the comparison. The Evo ski shop/site is one I usually look at –

    Measure your feet. The length in cm is your mondopoint size.

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    I screwed up buying snowboard boots for junior for Christmas by using the wrong conversion table. Annoyingly the manufacturers own conversion (Salomon) was wrong and the website’s was correct 🙄


    well just tried on some Scarpa boots, ended up I’d need a 10.5, which on scarpa’s own table says I should be a mondopoint of 29.5. I measure up as a 27.5, so really not convinced it’s that helpful.

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