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  • Monday Morning Debrief No.22 – How's yours gone?
  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Well finally the last bit of trail in our local riding spot got opened. Had a blast out on Saturday for 90mins then settled in for an evening Pie Off with a bunch of mates 4 pies and some ales before heading back out for a Sunday social ride.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    Enduro 6

    Perfect weather, perfect setting,dry and dusty trails but less than perfect performance from me though, really need to get fitter 🙁

    Great race, thanks to all the guys and Pat who put it on and STW for sponsoring.

    Will definitely being doing it again next year

    and well done to Tom and Jo from our camp,

    Jo was third in Female Solo and Tom was 2nd in male Solo.

    Went for a stunning 90 minute hard ride along dusty tracks under a blue sky. Perfect start to a Sunday morning.



    I went there and there via some other places exploring the shire on my cross bike. Ive missed long solo riding for too long , im glad the house is nearing completion (for now)

    Who knows – maybe ill start racing next.

    Premier Icon Nipper99

    God’s own country – Mid Wales

    <img src=”; width=”500″ height=”375″ alt=”james may 2013 021″>

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Drove to Fort William on friday night. Got to Nevis Range at 9am, lifts closed due to Weather. Spent day riding downhill bikes up to the wallride and back down (only had the 224 with me so no world champs) and taking spurious testrides from alpine bikes. Not exactly what was planned, not bad but not the same.

    So, excellent straightforward Glentress red/black route bash with ChrisL on sunday to restore the balance of the force.

    I am, usually, lost for words after today’s riding in Alpujarras, Sierra Nevada. Thank goodness for big trail bikes. I need a lie down.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    My 10th Dyfi Enduro.

    Ace again!

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    1232miles in car in three days. Loch Tay to Aldeburgh and back, with faffing there. 🙁

    ron jeremy

    A morning of this

    Then post ride this….

    Gotta love riding in the sun with trails that end at the pub….

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    well our may day holiday was on erm… may day
    but this is what my awesome leg power did to a 152km old chain, so the ride was cut slightly short (broke the multitool chain breaker thingy too 👿 )

    KMC K9 (or something) just in case anyone wants to avoid such a purchase

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    Great riding & socialising at SSUK 2013

    Then first ride with my wife for over a year on the Quantocks today, with a ploughman’s at the Bicknoller Inn (which has just changed hands)

    A by oxym0r0n, on Flickr


    Stuck a knife into my thumb…
    Blew up the Strimmer…
    thought “stuff that” so went for local ride with my gorgeous lass… 7 miles into ride both got punctures … nice day to for the long walk back as I’d forgotten the pump and repair kit d’oh! 😳

    Still getting over a hernia op. 👿


    local pootle on new council managed trails in Belfast, good wee ride with a mate who hasn’t done that much mountainbiking and was a ood chance to have a pedal and a chat without our wives and kids about

    all in a all a pleasant change

    Premier Icon Drac

    I got out on the CX bike on Saturday and loved it, first time in weeks I’d been out on the bike. Rode across the fields to the coast and then up the coast to Craster for a pub lunch in the sun.

    Road to Long Steads by Lee Collis, on Flickr


    Had trouble finding a parking space at the pub 😀

    Lost in Dorset SSUK 2013

    Premier Icon manmurray

    Proper good blast round a very sunny Gisburn yesterday afternoon with my bro – well overdue (both Gisburn and catching up with the folks).

    Good times 🙂

    Premier Icon zbonty

    Six hours buzzing round the Chilterns yesterday looking everywhere for a puddle or patch of mud. Nothing.
    Just dry, dusty, fast, flinty, woodsy singletrack everywhere.

    Great weather, friends visiting, riding the new trails that we’ve built over the winrer, and everyone really enjoying themselves. Hard to beat.

    And sneaky downhill sessions tonight, just to finish it all off.

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    36 miles and 4000ft of climbing on a 33lb ‘all mountain’ bike has left me with sore knees from climbing and sore elbows from descending – ace day out!

    Premier Icon nickc

    Fast 25 mile xc in the chilts on Sunday, conditions couldn’t have been better, went to Swinley Monday with the gf to try themes trails there. Pretty good I thought. Great to see loads of families on the blue, and beginner gf really enjoyed the ‘red’ . car park rammed though!!


    I was having a really good weekend, walked some new trails on Saturday with my boy, then Sunday had a lazy morning in the skatepark with the boy again and went riding about 12 with my pals…. 20 minutes in and disaster struck…. More on that later. It’ll probably get its own thread.

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    Fab time at SSUK in Dorset. Great beer, great trails and lovely people.


    Posted this in Rocketdog’s thread – but here ’tis anyhoo..

    Left the house (coastal West Dorset) at 6am, spent two hours riding in thick fog before the sun broke through near Blagdon Hill, had a tool around the Quantocks before riding home. 91 miles door to door, bit toasted but had a great time. They have dust on the Quantocks, real crumbly dust! So not quite a coast to coast (& back) but not far off.

    [/url] 2013-05-06 11.25.00 by Uncle Monk, on Flickr[/img]

    [/url] 2013-05-06 10.55.34 by Uncle Monk, on Flickr[/img]

    Definitely good for the Soul!

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    First proper go out on my spruced up, rigidified, all-but-one-of-the-gears-removed hardtail. Loved it. 10 mile ride with a pub lunch, plus impromptu 23 mile extension, was a great test. New friends, great trails, amazing weather. Beer.

    Another 20+ miles on Sunday. Cider, beer, pig, revolutionary poetry, ride back in the sunset. Beer, raspberry vodka, fire.

    Monday: beach fun, swimming, shivering, snoozing, driving home via an old friends for dinner.

    Absolute stonker of a weekend!

    Climbed up Salthrop hill and had a little look around the woods as it’s been a while. Then over to the Ridgeway, along to Barbury castle and then eventually had this year’s first fully dry run down ladder lane. Managed not to scare myself this time round. Finished up with a lap around Croft and then back across town towards home and BBQ!

    Even remembered to take photos:

    unlimited blue by the1fletch, on Flickr

    look, no hands by the1fletch, on Flickr

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