Monday Morning Debrief No.10 – What did you get up to then?

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  • Monday Morning Debrief No.10 – What did you get up to then?
  • Premier Icon Drac

    Out for a spin on the icy roads


    Worked bit days. Living the dream.

    Night ride Friday.
    Met Tesco on Saturday and redistributed food.
    Took Mrs Cat for a walk on Sunday.
    Snowboarding today in between short bouts of work.

    Premier Icon ahsat

    p20 and I

    Snow biking on an empty Blanchland on Saturday:

    Blanchland in the snow by ritcheyp20, on Flickr
    Followed by real ale!

    Hard work, but very enjoyable snow hike in the Cheviots on Sunday:

    Untitled_Panorama1 by ritcheyp20, on Flickr
    Followed by real ale!

    Now sat staring at the NE blizzard trying to do my emails but wishing I was back outside!

    Premier Icon shortcut

    On Saturday a bit of this.

    Then on Sunday some of that.

    Met a client on Saturday & spent Sunday with the family as I’d been away working all last week


    warning: contains dust


    No riding for moi. Snowed in at a Leeds hotel – woke up to a huge dump…

    Got to clear a rugby pitch now?!… 😕



    Bikes and sledges – oresum!


    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon

    Saturday – Lazy day followed by a trip to the gym, only to discover that the normal weights machines and free weights have been replaced with a load of contraptions with pulleys, ropes, handles and no instructions, just a big spangly logo with some buzzword. Great if your a geriatric granny, rubbish if you just want to do a simple routine of pull ups, dips, bicep curls and bench press. Not a happy camper.

    Sunday – Minley with the Trolls folowed by beer tea in the pub

    Premier Icon DezB

    Snowman and snowball fight Saturday

    Crosser out for a quick spin Sunday (+another snowball fight)


    snow ride pics

    15 by ukbikeskills, on Flickr

    great ride yesterday


    Walked along Derwent Edge on Saturday, which was b@st@rd evil cold – hell of a windchill.

    Hilariously sideways ride up on Blacka/Houndkirk/Totley Moss yesterday.

    Premier Icon Alex

    Snowy Forest of Dean

    Snow Joke Ride by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    Snow Joke Ride by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    Snow Joke Ride by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    Great ride. Hard work. Every metre hard earned… awesome fun.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    3 hours of loacl trails, some open countryside, some in the woods. All ace!

    Generic bike in snow shot!


    Good work DrP, proper family fun. 😀


    Stole an hour in Rivelin valley, Sheffield, every descent like a smooth toboggan run, excellent fun.

    Lots more snow today, may ride tonight.

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    I had a wee ride on the new cross bike. Woohoo!

    And of course a hell of a lot of sledging with the kids!



    Bike, Snow, River, Bridge and a bloody cold wind corridor !!!


    Road ride (100k), Sledging, London Bike Show.


    Got sent home from work early on Friday, so went for a 25km local ride round the woods finished off with a hot chocolate & a nice pice of ginger cake at the forest cafe.

    Headed off into North Wales on Sunday and did a 35km loop from Moel Famau, to Nercwys Forest and up round some hills with drifts 3ft deep along alot of the trails & Offas Dyke before returning to the car park – had to get pushed out due to the amount of show that had fallen in the mean time.

    Premier Icon Jase_MK

    All good, except for being impossible to engage SPDs…

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Spent the weekend on the sofa after losing the front wheel commuting home on Friday night and coming down hard on my knee.

    I was doing a lot of things wrong and I’m paying the price! Fingers crossed for a swift recivery – a cheeky long weekend in the Alps in 3 weeks hangs in the balance.

    Premier Icon righog




    Friday had a pizza and went to see django, with the missis then made a snowman, sat waited for the postie had a snow ball fight with said postie and some local kids and parents, then fixed forks that postman was delivering parts for. Sunday went for a ride at gisburn for the first time ever having canceled the day before due to forks though i cant cancel a second day, how ever suffered greatly from Pizza on sat morning, and every time i put some effort in had to find a bush,sorry to anyone who may have been near by.


    -Night out with friends on Friday (Pub-Prezzo-Pub-several of us back to friends house) until the small hours;
    – 17km trail run in the snow;
    – Saturday night in front of the telly;
    – Sunday rudely awoken by my dad laying my new bathroom floor;
    – walked a round trip of around 6km to Sainsburys;
    – tried to clean up after floor laying;
    – washed down said floor;
    – did three loads of washing; Sunday night in front of the telly; Monday.

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    The local clay was ridable because of the weather so it saved a 30 mile minimum drive 🙂

    More snowy ride pics


    Went out for a ride on the Heckler to get some snowy pics

    20130120-O65A9035.jpg by Chris Davies Photography, on Flickr



    I got up at 07:30, went for a run at 09:00, back in bed for 11:30 and woke up again at 14:00. No pics of me asleep i’m afraid.

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    Sat – That’ll be the Bike/Boat Show then. Long day in all, wandered around until I found some lone chap sitting on a stand called SingleTrack.. Well blow me I thought, whats this doin ere? So I popped over and said “Helyo, I uses de Furum I does” Bless his heart, he gave me the thumbs up. I also stopped MrsBouy from spending £900 on a table.. ohhh how we had banter/argument/banter until I won.

    Sun – Cleared off into an amazingly quiet London Town and bought some swanky boots in a sale.. Then meandered around, took some photos of deserted streets then in the Gym for a few hours and dripped with sweat in the Sauna.

    Mostly there were four wheels on my waggon, not two.. 😐

    Premier Icon jvh

    Little bit of snow..

    Sheffield to Edale via Rivelin valley, Stanage Causeway, Hope and Jaggers Clough. Made use of the following wind and got the train bike.

    Stanage Causeway is so much better in the snow than usual !


    Entered my first ever dh race at Tavistock in Devon – woodland riders winter series rd 1, I was in a strong masters cat which included kye forte and jim davage. Needless to say I didn’t give them any cause for concern results wise but I had fun despite freezing my nuts off and will be returning for rd 2 next month.

    tog hill just outside of bristol

    Riding snowboards very fast near Innsbruck.

    Premier Icon yetitony

    Quick spin out to the shops on Saturday and then had a ride in the proper snow on Sunday. Wished I had not chosen the rigid singlespeed as it was tough going in sections…

    River Ride to the Shops. by Yeti Tony, on Flickr


    Bingley Bash of course, harden Moor lovely as ever .

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