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  • Monday Morning Debrief No. 37 – Where did you get to? What did you ride?
  • Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    Arrived back from 2 weeks in Whistler on Saturday πŸ˜€ Post holiday blues and jetlag now… πŸ™

    Premier Icon binners

    I went exploring a little bit further afield than usual. With having Cragg and Lee on my doorstep, as well as a load of other trails, I’ve got pretty lazy, and been riding variations on a theme, route-wise

    So Saturday I got the OS Map out and roadied 10 miles, on my tod, over to Burnley, then turned off road on a complete make-it-up-as-you-go-along, follow-your-nose explore. I found some great new stuff. The sun was out and I only got lost once. I love days like that πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Where did you end up binners?

    There’s so much to go at, it’s daft.
    The bit from the Singing Ringing Tree down to Lumb is fun.
    Quite a few gates though.

    We did Cant Clough, the Windfarm on Long Causeway, Green’s Clough, Thieveley Pike then the wonderful bit of the PBW down past the Mary Towneley memorial.

    All good.


    Kos airport, Manchester airport, utility room where I destruciton tested the washing machine, didn’t even see a bike!! 😐

    Premier Icon mcnultycop

    New bottom bracket (not very exciting) and first dropper post (KS Lev, very exciting) installed on the Canyon. I just rode locally to make sure my installation skills were up to scratch, around Tandle Hill and Chadderton Park. I was surprised how much I actually used the dropper; I don’t think it was just novelty value either.

    Llandegla tomorrow night after work.


    Local singletrack with the other half. Gearing up for sunny days and big mountains next month πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Only managed to get out for a couple of hours yesterday. Went across Blacca Moor, down into the woods for a mess and back via Houndskirk Moor.

    Premier Icon binners

    Rusty, I picked up the Burnley Way from Clow Bridge, up over the moors past the weather station, then over to Haslingdon, dropped back down to Rawtenstall, then home down the Irwell

    Fancy showing me round some of your trails sometime, there’s loads of stuff over there!

    Premier Icon stever

    An hour of cx hill reps Saturday, 80-odd miles on the road Sunday up the Trough of Bowland. I’m on the wrong forum aren’t I πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Was out early on Saturday morning and completely sleepwalked (is that a word?) through my ride.

    Was nice out though…

    Then yesterday, took a break from house sorting to take this little ripper out for a spin round the woods! He’s coming on great guns! Already has Pro Elbows (TM)


    Working all weekend but got to Woburn yesterday after work for a quick singletrack spin πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    junior bandito #2’s first go on the bike seat. He loved it. Rode 3 miles to a pub. Had lunch, rode back.

    Premier Icon davetrave

    I got to A&E and rode the misery train… No biking for ages. Bum…

    Premier Icon jam bo

    shed a little blood fitting my new thick/thin chainring…

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    Manchester 100 for me

    Premier Icon trailhound

    5 days in the Big Apple – but as much as I’ve enjoyed it, really looking forward to getting back home to Wales on wed and finding some solitude out in the hills!

    Premier Icon somouk

    Tissington Trail with the Mrs for me. Certainly proved to her that she’s capable of more than a few miles.

    Premier Icon gregwaring

    First time back on the bike after 8 weeks out due to displaced fractured clavicle. 13 miles on easy local trails, and ridden in a thoroughly mince fashion, but boy it felt good. Quick recovery to davetrave, one goes out and another comes back in!


    Stage 1 of the Tour de France 2014 for me, plus a little bit added on at the end.

    136 miles of road riding awesomeness in Yorkshire’s second finest national park.

    Leeds > Otley > Ilkley > Skipton > Grassington > Aysgarth > Askrigg > Hawes > up and around Buttertubs and along the Swale > Reeth > Leyburn > Ripon > Harrogate > Leeds.

    Some nasty headwinds and boring roads along the route (we tried to take some backroads where the official route was on fast dull carriageways), but what’s a road ride without mental and physical suffering?

    Beautiful scenery, tricky climbs with rewarding views and descents, quiet roads, top chat with old mates and the odd sheep.

    Rides like that remind why I love bikes SOOOOOO much.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Binners, you’re more than welcome mate.
    Will drop you a line when I next have a weekend off.

    Might stick a post up and see if anyone fancies a pootle.

    Ta for the heads up on those cheap Nobby Nics, btw.
    Tried them yesterday, they were great.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Morning ride around Grizedale and Claife. Brilliant fun. Except meeting a load of 4x4s as I bounced down one of the descents. I always seem to find them on at least one of the descents at Grizedale, normally the Kankku people.

    Oh, and doing this:

    Premier Icon DoctorRad

    22 mile and one pint loop around Bristol Airport. Lush, dry trails, almost all of them new to me.


    An early morning solo ride on my local hill Bennachie. Great fun as usual but by jove it was windy (partly curry induced, but also meteorological). I ended up with 3 layers on to stave off the cold.

    Premier Icon benji

    First event of the new cyclocross season, and a few words with the main man of this parish.

    No riding for me this weekend but made a start on servicing the bike and getting it ready for a trip to snowdon in a couple of weeks.

    The chunky monkey and shiny clean cassette both look good. Now just have to decide whether I want to put a new chain on it or clean the existing one…


    Radnor Forest – there was a rally on (my other hobby), so combined watching that with a spin on the bikes, rode a mix of fire road, off road 4×4 trails, bridleways & some good old, and natural singletrack.

    It’s my local wood but still learning it, think we’ve got some good routes to link together again now.

    Stunning views from the top too.


    Saturday. La Molina
    Sunday. Vallnord

    Premier Icon onewheelgood

    I didn’t get out to ride, but I did go and spend the afternoon at the 6th round of the Schwalbe British 4X championship held at Leamington Spa. Never been to watch 4X before, but it was a great way to spend the time. Good atmosphere, entertaining commentary, great racing at all levels. Very well organised too. Can’t understand why there weren’t more people there, especially since it was free. Kudos to the organisers and all the racers.


    Nowhere this weekend, (put my back out) but last bankholiday weekend had an 88 mile day out; (rode from home to the Quantocks, ride / pub / ride then rode home again).

    20130824_145916 [/img]

    Hodder Combe

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Road bike this weekend. Had a fab ride with the club out to Grindleford, but I’ll confess that a big old headwind whilst riding up Winnat’s Pass is not conducive to a quick ascent. At one point I was blown halfway across the road. Entertaining at best, a touch dangerous at worst, but I got to the top still smiling.

    Premier Icon ComradeD

    Got the train from Leeds to Sowerby Bridge and went up over Norland Moor then over on to Saddleworth Rd and did the long descent in to Marsden. The top half of it is bone dry at the moment and is ridiculously fast

    It was also incredibly windy up on the moors, head wind all the way.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Did a quick lap of Cannock’s Follow ye Dog on Friday.
    Very fast, very dry.


    East midlands 20 mile loop for me, out of Ticknall. ride report here:
    ticknall medium route πŸ™‚


    I raced the Grand Junction off road in Colorado! Superb, frighteningly technical, magically remote!

    They even let me stand on the box at the end, and take home a cheque!


    Early start sat’day 5.45am. rode C2C with my lad Ben, fantastic days riding! No headwinds for us πŸ˜€

    Marin trail and a top quality xc link back to capel curig via crafnant

    friday (had a long weekend off) ~3hr loop in Chilterns
    saturday 55mile road smash with mate training for ironman
    sunday 4hrs in forest of dean.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    After a 3 month lay-off, Saturday saw a little pootle in single figures. It did however include some secret singletrack that was as fun as it’s ever been. πŸ™‚

    Sunday saw another pootle with a huge amount of singletrack that took me up to Twyford Down. Bitterly regret not joining the protest there many years ago, gorgeous place but the noise from the motorway was dreadful. πŸ™

    Some fab new singletrack really rounded off the day. 8)


    On Saturday I did a 4 h ride with mr pea and 4 friends near Chatsworth. Lots of climbing and good laughs.

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