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  • Premier Icon ononeorange

    Saturday: A few chores then out on the bike late morning for a big loop up through the north Chilterns taking in Gt Missenden, Princes Risborough, Wendover, Tring, Berkhamstead and Chesham. Barbecue in the evening with friends and found out two of them had got engaged! Brilliant. Mud is now down to manageable proportions on the trails at long last. I even saw some dust.

    Sunday: Local Club ride followed by their barbecue. What a great way to spend a weekend.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Friday night, hoon round the local trails for a couple of hours. Its a nice feeling riding home past over-flowing sweaty pubs.
    Saturday, beach for the day. Packed it was! Must have been at least 200 people there (Druridge Bay is 5 miles long)
    Sunday, final big LEL training ride. 303km up to the source of the north tyne, south tyne and tees, twice over Yad Moss. Bring on the taper!


    Saturday – all day drinking in London, perfect weather for beer outside but it was a bit hot at night. Sunday was a family BBQ back home, again perfect weather for it 🙂


    Yup did the Borrowdale Bash on Sunday with my riding mate cracking weather certainly got through the water that for sure 🙂

    Premier Icon lowey

    Deejays Memorial Ride around Swaledale. Very emotional.


    Saturday: Kids both at parties / sleepovers so a rare weekend ride with my better half (oo-err). Trails riding lovely, but this weird, loose, smoky stuff kept coming off the ground as we passed. Very strange.

    Sunday morning ride with the Garage Bikes crew, got shown some new trails I didn’t know about a mile or two from my house. Only been riding hereabouts for twenty five years on and off. Doh! Still this weird smoky stuff kicking up from everyone’s wheels. Finally figured it out. Dust! Really! Dusty trails in West Yorkshire!!! Everywhere totally dry, including Springfield Lane in Cockersdale which, as the name suggests, has a spring on it and is never, ever, ever totally dry.

    Dusty trails!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

    (What tyres etc…?)

    Sunday. Trails above Uppermill and Saddleworth.
    One of those days when you remember why you ride mountain bikes as one of our number said on the run home.

    Bone dry, technical trails. Steep. Very steep in places. And hot.

    Belter of a ride!


    Set off early Saturday Morning spent the day riding Llandegla, then on to Torrent Camp site near Coed y brenin pitched tents out for a steak and a couple of beers then did The Beast on Sunday which was extremely hot. that God for the oasis in the desert Cafe en route. Camp site and Cafe both strongly recommended 🙂

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    A weekend of camping and fatbiking in Wales for us.
    Sun, sea, beach, pub and trail fun. 😀

    20130713_141851 by multispeedstu, on Flickr

    20130713_143307 by multispeedstu, on Flickr

    2013_0714beachandtrees0064 by multispeedstu, on Flickr

    2013_0714beachandtrees0065 by multispeedstu, on Flickr


    Friday headed for Angelsey in the camper and left the bikes at home.

    Sat & Sun spent in the sea on the SUPs with and without sails, BBQs on the beach both evenings and home by 11.30pm.

    Too hot and dusty for riding, we need some rain, I’m missing the mud. 😀

    Skydive and a small ride this weekend.


    A Dark Side Ride into Yorshire 77 miles of hard but superb Cycling 😀


    I saw you on those Fat bikes at Coed Y Brenin you rode past us in the car park. They looked fab 🙂


    Paddleboarded all day Sat in Chi Harbour, just flipping brilliant it was.. Jeeze I luuuuved it.
    Sunday I headed back into London and rode around Town with MrsBouy taking in some sights and mates and beer.

    Premier Icon stevemakin

    failed attempt at the Lakes 200, Rich Munro (postierich) is still out there pedalling, too hot for me resulted in heat stroke and spewing up 🙁


    Did the Megavalanche(af1) and it was bloody brilliant

    Premier Icon sherb

    Friday Glentress, 18 miles in hot sun, Saturday Glentress, 16 miles in hot sun, Sunday Glentress, 10 miles in Hot sun (the climbs got less appealing as the day wore on but the skills park was getting faster and more fun. Ran spooky woods 3x, loving that top section.


    You made the most of the sun yeah?

    Here’s ours:

    Share yours…..

    Premier Icon Alex

    Excuse for new bike pic 🙂

    Pyga OneTen 29 by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    A hard ride in the Yat yesterday on some much riden trails, and a few we’ve not done lately. Quite a lot of pubbage especially at the end. Conditions could not have been any better. I did find one tiny patch of mud and had to ride through it for the novelty value. Saturday was spent building the bike, not sure I could have got out both days tho without melting.


    Saturday, relaxed with the kids and general larking about in the sun, rode with them (1 mile) to the butchers to grab some burgers for the bbq

    Sunday, up and out early for one of my longer mtb ride, c.40 miles from the door and largely off road in rural Hampshire/Berkshire. Got a sore knee so am trying to work out whats causing it, cleet or saddle postion or just pushing it a bit too much.


    Huge amounts of Cannock Fri/Sat/Sun

    Fantastic conditions it would be rude not to

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Saturday was family day, with a trip to Alton Castle then live music in the park in Buxton.

    Sunday was an early start to make the most of the cooler (relatively speaking) weather. Had a top ride around Three Shires Head/Wildboarclough/Macc Forest, but an early stack left me with a sore arm that slowed me down and took the edge off the fun. Hospital think I may have broken my elbow. Will know for sure tomorrow 🙁

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Saturday a great ride following my nose again on the off-piste stuff in the Forest of Dean. Could really do with being shown the best stuff some time by a guide. As it was, found some cracking fast descents and nearly did a remake of that famous Impala video but with a deer!
    Played about on the dh a bit too, and did the now infamous drop-off jump from the video on here. 🙂

    Then Bristol Sunday!


    An impromptu road trip to Gods Own…

    Premier Icon notmyrealname

    After a real lack of riding for the past couple of weeks I was out for an early morning ride on the SS around Swinley to blow out the cobwebs, I’d forgotten just how enjoyable it is to ride the SS round there!

    On Sunday morning it was back to Swinley but at a more moderate pace with the wife in tow, it seems that she’s actually enjoying getting out on the bike and now looks forward to getting out there 😀
    Riding the Fatty round Swinley was a scream, it’s easily the most fun I’ve had on a bike!

    One thing I noticed on Saturday was the lack of riders smiling or looking like they were enjoying themselves. The sun’s shining and you’re riding about on your bike, how can you not smile on a day like that ❓

    Premier Icon Alex

    Twang – epic photo!

    Premier Icon Tracey

    We had an evening ride on Saturday above Derwent. The trails were empty and the riding was first class


    Imperial road century on Saturday in the Peaks. Kinda warm. 23mm tyres at 100psi don’t roll well on melting tarmac!

    Dick around on some DH runs on Sunday, as I really couldn’t be arsed with much pedaling. Still kinda warm!

    Premier Icon Leku

    Alps for the weekend…

    IMGP4111 by 100%of thetime60%ofthetime, on Flickr[/img]

    Only 2500m of decent from this point (the Brazilian).

    Premier Icon jeffl

    Popped over to Sherwood Pines on Sunday for an 8am start. Really odd as it was all misty at first. Anyway first time there quite liked the Kitchener/Red trail, lots of nice singletrack. Not sure why so many people have a downer on it.

    Followed the ride up with a balanced meal of a bacon butty, tea and flapjack.

    Got home at about 2pm.


    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    I was in Dorset with the family and went with an inexperienced mate to Puddletown Forest on Sunday am. Lots of nice trails but my mate took a head first dive Ito a 10ft deep pit full of sharp sticks and sliced himself open a bit. Embarrassing.

    Premier Icon Hells

    Went out to do 100 km on the road bike!! At 20 km in I was hit by a caravan! 😯 🙁

    He didn’t stop! A witness gave chase & managed to get his reg number.

    No major damage to me, just bruising. Managed to get my rear wheel straightened enough to limp home but the wheel’s knackered! 🙁

    We shall see what the police say when I go to see them this evening!


    Alex – Member
    Twang – epic photo!

    The summit of Ben Vorlich, it was an amazing place to be.
    With the cloud inversion I felt closer to space than Earth!

    looking east;


    Premier Icon Sandwich

    No riding at all this weekend. I did this:

    On Saturday. Father of the Bride and emotional wreck!
    Sunday we had a big family dinner, 4 generations including the happy couple before the Ulster contingent headed on home.

    Premier Icon rowlapa1974

    Congrat’s Sandwich

    I took part in the very hot MTB Marathon at Marshbrook

    crispy bacon

    Me & 11 others went on Oldfarts seaside shuffle on the Purbecks, 27 miles of riding, 1,500 ft of climbing & in 91 degres heat 8)

    At the start

    Through the woods

    Cooling off at the beach

    Chilling out at the top of a long hard climb

    a pasty & drink at the pub in the sun

    A great days riding with mates in superb weather – fantastic.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    This weekend we have been mostly: (the kids had 12 swims between Friday and Sunday, all wild in river and lochs….

    Swimming in Loch Tay and Killin by matt_outandabout, on Flickr

    Swimming in Loch Tay and Killin by matt_outandabout, on Flickr


    First trip out on the kayak this year. Quick trip round St Mary’s Loch. Took the kids to the beach near Gullane on Saturday. Out in the Pentlands on the bike on on Sunday. Really good but short lived descent into Carlops.


    Started building the new Tallboy LT but a bank holiday Friday in Northern Ireland meant that my CRC stuff didnt arrive on Saturday 😥


    I rode to the beach about 7-8 times over the weekend (only a mile), swam, ran and generally didn’t “ride” – but a great weekend nonetheless.

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