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  • Monday Morning Debrief No. 30 – What did you do?
  • Premier Icon stewartc

    A little ‘hike a bike’ session on Saturday, nothing like hauling bikes up rocky steps in plus 30 degree heat.

    It was a local cheeky trail, really tough to climb (over an hour of granny gear/carrying) but one that rewards with a great view and an even better descent.


    I had a good weekends riding. Didn’t have my daughter so I smashed a few rides and pub visits. The sun was shining and the trails were dry and fast.

    Ended the weekend with some German sausage from the continental market.

    And a couple of pints of Purple Moose Snowdon Ale.

    Now it’s all over and I’m back in work. 😥

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    In hindsight, racing a singlespeed at Cannock in 28? with a cold is not a good idea. Feeling lousy this morning


    Great weekends riding!

    Local ride on Saturday at Haldon which finished with me clearing the 20ft double i’ve been looking at for a while (cheers for the tow in neilforrow off here!)

    Sunday we ventured down to Cardinham where the outlaws looked after the boy whilst me and the lady went for a first ride together in 12months. It made my weekend, being able to watch her smile and ride bikes together!

    bigbadbob – Member

    Pennine X – Superb, it was too, one of my best rides in this country – ever. The people organising the event are just so nice, you want to keep going back just to see them again. Superb course in the dry, a bit tricky last year in the wet.


    A monumental effort in that heat got me a big PB and the 8th fastest time. So despite waking up with cramp in both feet and sore calves this morning, I’m pretty chuffed.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    No riding at all (well 500m on an e-bike on flat path but that doesn’t count). There was a lot of visiting hotels and tourist attractions in the Dordogne for work. The high point was a lunch at a Michelin 1 star restaurant yesterday. Trying to stay focussed after it was a challenge in the 34 plus heat.
    Foie gras does not appear to be a diet food!


    Did a couple of hours Saturday night round the Casa de Campo and El Prado then did an epic 125km in the mountains around Manzanares el Real on the Sunday, but the temperature has been 38-40’c, so even drinking five litres on Sunday, i still feel like a dried out raisin.


    Had a lovely long weekend – I booked Friday afternoon off and set out for a 25 mile loop.

    Saturday and Sunday was rinse and repeat.


    Sat – Caesers Camp Aldershot for 1.75hrs with 1/2 new summer tyres combo MaxxAdv / RaRa
    Sun – RoRo arrived through post on Sat so full summer set up (RoRo / RaRa) used. Fast!

    Premier Icon dday

    Hot and dusty Afan W2 on Saturday, followed by an even hotter Sunday spin round White’s level. Almost perfect weekend, except for Midgeapocalypse in the camp site Sat night.


    Did sod all on Saturday, then had a bit of a fettle on sunday (dropped the stem 15mm) & did 12 miles up to & round Leigh woods & back

    damn hot, even though I didn’t go out till gone 6, lovely though.

    First time since I’ve been keeping track that I’ve done 50 miles in a week (yes I know that’s not all that far, but I am mid-30’s & working in IT*)

    *I don’t own an audi or an Orange 5 though, & I’m not management either 😉

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Family weekend in the Lakes, so up before 6am to ride some bits round the back of Troutbeck and Ambleside, back in time for smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Saturday got up early for a walk around Bruges. Then cycled to the beach at Zeebrugger via Damm. Had a bit of a play in the sand, then cycled onto the ferry. 13 hour crossing back to Hull. Packed the bikes in a van, friends into a car and back home to a hot day of gardening and watching Murray win Wimbledon.
    Belgium biscuit cycle tour over and done until next time.


    Big enough day out in Torridon yesterday :o)



    Pretty much spent all of Saturday in the Car, and then a couple of hrs more motoring on Sunday, but as that was returning from a week in Les Arcs chasing Stevo & Iona from The White Room, i think it would be churlish to complain:



    Usual ride to Llandegla Saturday morning, all went well till 2 miles from home my Maxle Snapped on a flat road section 🙁 Got a rescue lift home.

    Sourced a Maxle to use on Sundays LCL 100 mile ride.

    Completed it in 6hrs 45 on my Alpine 160 with knobbly tyres. Reason for this was to raise some ££ for Duchenne now.

    Slight mishap just as I entered the tunnel on the way back, pedal snapped and I had to ride using 1 leg to get back up the other side.

    Great day though as I am glad I done it. The 3 roadies who were with me were slow though 😉


    Drinking round durham on sat and a trip to urgent care on Sunday to get leg looked at after an incect bite got on a ride last Monday got infected. Turns out to cellulitis so antibiotics and resting me leg for the next 7 days means no riding for me. Wouldn’t have minded to much but can’t even have a beer while sitting in the garden cos of the antibiotics lol

    This on Saturday…

    Then it’d have been rude not to do a bit more on Sunday evening after the kids had gone to bed on t’other bike…


    24k route around Pen Y Ghent with MOtley Crew

    Premier Icon ComradeD

    DaveyBoyWonder – Is that third pic of Norland Moor?

    Premier Icon WildHunter2009

    Weekend down to Dunsborough, some wine and beer tasting and testing my new climbing rope out at Wilyabrup. Very little actual climbing, loads of faffing and dolphins = a pretty good day. Then Lions and a pretty big night out. Only downside was being told no riding was likely and turning up to a guy unpacking his new heckler dammit.

    To the chap riding around Stoke Row, mucho jealous! Thats my old stomping grounds, I grew up exploring the woods around there and I do miss them sometimes! Pint at the Cherry Tree was it?


    Squamish BC XC:

    ComradeD – yes. The other two pics are within quarter of a mile of the moor too 😉

    Premier Icon gregwaring

    Nursed broken collarbone and rib from last week’s exploits.

    Console myself for not riding with alcohol and sunshine. Console subsequent hangover with alcohol and sunshine. Repeat until Monday!

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