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  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    2013-07-03 17.04.44-1 by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr

    Come on lions by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr

    Heading home soon…. by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr

    Tucked up for the night by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr
    Forrest, Victoria and the You Yangs then flew home

    Sunny sunday bike fettling by Mike Smith 79, on Flickr


    Made most of the Sun???

    Ooohhh yes indeedy. A light rideout on Sat and a light trail run then TdF then Sun consisted of a light trail run, TdF and Beers.

    A most excellent weekend.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    mrs_oab and kids away, so a busy weekend of riding to be had…
    Friday nights pootle:

    Saturdays monster involving three Munro’s (just read someone did 6 on a fatbike this weekend mind…)

    Beinn a’Ghlo munro’s by bike by matt_outandabout, on Flickr
    Sunday, spent the morning fixing fried brakes from previous day, packing boxes (as we are moving) and having a local spin up Glen Lochay and the old Peat road. Forgot phone, so no pics. 🙁

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    I made page 3 of the local sunday paper.

    Premier Icon crispo

    I had a cracking weekend.

    Friday was spent sorting the garden ready for a BBQ weekend. So a couple of beers were enjoyed in the sun whilst testing out the new Weber!

    Saturday watch the Lions test, fettled with bikes and then had all the in laws round for a big BBQ! The kebabs went down a storm and many beers were drunk. We then retired to my ‘man cave’ to test out the new telly and cinema surround system!

    Sunday involved a cracking ride at Gisburn! It was boiling hot but it was my first ride of the new sections and the skills loop! It really is cracking how it keeps evolving! We then watched the tennis on the big screen and finally rounded it off with another BBQ with a few celebratory drinks.

    Luckily mrs Crispo is out this evening so going for a ride round Farleton Knott after work. Looking forward to more dusty trails…..

    Premier Icon Drac

    Friday at the beach.

    Low Steads packed as ever by Lee Collis, on Flickr

    Saturday at Chillifest and then to local brewery to sample their goods.

    Untitled by Lee Collis, on Flickr

    Sunday a day at home with the kids and the dog.

    Untitled by Lee Collis, on Flickr

    Untitled by Lee Collis, on Flickr

    Untitled by Lee Collis, on Flickr

    And more alcohol.

    Untitled by Lee Collis, on Flickr

    Premier Icon davetrave

    Unbelievably few walkers out in the Peak yesterday – saw 4 having a picnic at the footbridge halfway down Doctor’s Gate, one solitary blokle walking his dog not far out of Langsett and group of 4 DoE kids coming up the footpath on Cranberry Clough, otherwise all MTBers. It was great – free runs at all the best descents, hammered the slabs down from Margery Hill and then full tilt down Cranberry Clough unimpeded, Hagg Side and Potato Alley completely clear.

    And then… Split tubeless 2/3 of the way down Potato Alley and the spare inner tube decided to give up the gohost at the valve stem – 7km death march on a flat tyre back up the Snake Pass to the Inn. It was all going so well…

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    More road riding. Getting sick to death of training when trail conditions are this good 🙁

    Add a broken spoke and no spare so a 60-mile limp home into the mix too (glad of disc brakes on the road bike though, wheel wobble? Not a problem…)


    Pennine X – Superb, it was too, one of my best rides in this country – ever. The people organising the event are just so nice, you want to keep going back just to see them again. Superb course in the dry, a bit tricky last year in the wet.

    Premier Icon lowey

    Awesome Weekend.

    Cottage in Hutton Rudby, rode Guisborough Woods with Team Darlo from here (Cheers for the guiding Fatgit) catching up with old friends, stunning ride, then all Saturday night on the beer at the village Fete.



    Delamere Sunday as usual found some more trails still to actually do a day there and not find new stuff lol 😀


    Here’s ours:

    You did make the most of the sun, yeah?


    33km run on Saturday, then a 50km MTB ride in the mountains near my house on Sunday – felt surprisingly good despite the previous day’s efforts, and it was nice to be out on the MTB for a change. Very hot, though, particularly when running.

    Trailquesting in the Black Mountains on a tandem.

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    On Saturday Mrs O and I had a marvellous 19 mile ride + pub stop around Stoke Row in the W Chilterns, but my rear wheel decided to bend itself – I limped back with a horrendous wobble and found 4 spokes completely undone and hanging out.

    I have always wanted to be able to true a wheel but considered it way beyond my abilities, but there’s nothing like a bit of pressure – I wanted a long ride on Sunday. So I attacked it with a spoke key when I got home plus a biro blue-tacked onto seat stay. My goodness, there weren’t many tight spokes in it!

    On Sunday I left her getting ready for Wimbledon and did a fantastic ride from Winchcombe in the Cotswolds then another from Charlbury. 42 lovely miles, hardly saw a soul, and incredibly my rear wheel not only held up but had no trace of a wobble! Yes!

    Apparently some British fella won some tennis thing too.


    was ill and still am so no riding for me

    I hate you all you bastards…is gutted

    Saturday – Chasing my mate around Cheshire on Saturday for an hour and a half of thrashing on the road.

    Sunday – A perfect ride round Marple/Hayfield etc from home with a mate giggling like Smash robots. Out early enough to avoid the heat, horses and walkers, but not the fell runners. About 50 miles then home in time for late Elvenses and child juggling. Flipping marvellous.

    Junkyard – get well soon.


    Sat 13 miler findng new trails in Broxbourne woods the TDF and 1 beer
    Sun 30 miler up to ware and back then TDF – no beer
    Commute in this morning – lights with me all the way hence best personal time and 3 3rd best time sections on strava – huzzah!

    Premier Icon binners

    Pretty much the perfect day Saturday. A lovely few hours riding on my own Saturday afternoon on bone dry, dusty trails. Then met Mrs Binners in the pub afterwards for post ride beers in glorious sunshine. Bouncy castle outside for the kids to boing around on. Then on to a barby with some good mates.

    It doesn’t get much better. What a day?!


    A fantastic Saturday in the sun by binlidski, on Flickr

    Beer o clock…
    A fantastic Saturday in the sun by binlidski, on Flickr

    Toasting marshmallows…

    A fantastic Saturday in the sun by binlidski, on Flickr

    And Pie-fest yesterday. Result! 😀

    A nice quiet Cut Gate ride on Saturday. I’ve not ridden the route for 2 years and it used to be a bi-annual regular for me when living in Sheff waiting for the ‘right’ conditions. Forgot how good it is.

    I love the climb back from Langsett although my usual no dab challenge failed at the paved ford crossing 🙁 I also now have unfinished business as I decided not to take the switchback option when descending Cranberry Clough and go straight on down the ‘stepped’ section. I didn’t manage to clear to my liking (the stepped left/right or roll off the slab line choices near the bottom) so I hope to ride the route again in the next couple of weeks.

    Quite strangely only really noticed the heat and sun at Langsett and on the climb back up. We were blessed with cloud cover and a cool breeze in the morning when climbing out from Fairholmes.

    Sunday I rode my old local loop out of Sheff, through the parks, Houndkirk then taking in as many descent options of Blacka Moor as possible. With no breeze at all and temperatures soaring to 27 degrees the 36km/1250m ascent route felt like a Tenko death march. I found myself soaking my feet and helmet 😯 in the stream at the bottom of Lenny Hill in between climbs/descents.

    Bloody marvellous though 🙂

    Premier Icon funkrodent

    Saturday = kids, rugby, barbecue, beers into the night.

    Sunday = lie-in, lunch with the out-laws, tennis until Djokovic 4-1 up in the second set (here we go again thinks I) and then up to Edale for loop round Rushup Edge and down Jacob’s Ladder. Absolutely superb!

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Working Saturday morning but had my first night out in Manchester for five or six years – met up with some friends at the Deaf Institute and moved on to the Lass O’Gowrie – lovely evening, couple of pints, no hassle.
    Spot on.

    Worked yesterday – took our charge swimming, went to the Pie Festival then chilled in the park for a bit.

    Got home about 9ish, went for a spin on the BMX & watched the tennis highlights.
    Day off today, just off to Aldi to buy some new shorts 😀


    Lots of Cannock this weekend was there Fri/Sat/Sun. Dusty, rubbly and baking hot just the way I like it.

    Quiet as well. Apparently there was some kind of sporting event on the telly

    Premier Icon chipps

    Did the Brownbacks race on Sunday. Multi-scorchio! I now have some good comedy tanlines…
    They managed to find a super-technical way round Lee Quarry and it was a hot seven laps (for the fit boys – five for the likes of me). Spend the afternoon mostly recovering…
    Then spent Sunday night fixing broken bikes…

    Premier Icon phil40

    Saturday was spent at a village fete with my in laws, my son got his face painted, then spent the rest of the day cuddling nanny and getting paint allover her top (good lad :D)

    Sunday I did my first mtb race in 5 years, ‘are you tough enough’ in Deepcut, it was hotter than hell, and I think I managed to come last in the male vet cat. But as i meandered around at the back I realised that I was happy being last in a race, as it meant that I wasn’t sat at home on the sofa getting any fatter, and my son thought I was a complete hero as i came across the finish line 😀

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Uplift at Inners. Perfect weather and trails


    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    Saturday: uplift at Antur Stiniog
    Sunday: uplift at Revolution Bike Park



    Sat – sorted out my tubeless quandary (fat high volume tyres are not the tyres for me) & got out exploring new back lanes & bridleways, only moved 5 miles from previous address & surprised at how many places just seem to have been off radar to me before &got stung to buggery by shoulder high nettles for my efforts.

    Sun – blue & red loop of almost deserted Swinley with the gf 🙂

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    Easy wee cycle camp up to Loch Ard, 25 miles each day, on the mtb but ut was road/easy tracks.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Sunday: 6:30am ride out on local trails for a couple of hourts to beat the heat (failed).

    Then took this little ripper to the local beginner friuendly trail centre at Hicks Lodge.

    Hitting Berms and tables like a boss at 5!

    Premier Icon Sanny

    6 munros on my Fat Bike ( as Matt pointed out)……. it was ace! 😀

    Saturday spent with my wee one doing a tour of local swing parks on the bike followed by catching the Tour and some garden pottering.

    More nice weather please!!!!!!!!!

    Premier Icon Kona TC

    Go Sky Ride leading ages ranged from 6 to 50+ and everyone had a fantastic time.


    Did the Brownbacks race on Sunday. Multi-scorchio!

    Chipps, taking it easy, like Sunday morning 😉

    Chipps by chris1968, on Flickr[/img]

    Fair play to all those riding – twas bliddy hot up there!

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Only managed a quick blast above Langsett but well worth it


    Got back from a mental week in Kavos on Friday night, went out in town on Saturday then spent Sunday on the beach in Hunstanton. Best week off work ever!


    Stiniog uplift day Sat….brilliant 🙂

    Premier Icon smartay

    came off nights Saturday morning, local carnival so felt had to support by attending and beer sampling, Sunday down the coast, Prestatyn absolutely choccer, today ridden to parents to do hedges etc

    Drac, cloudy cider- smell of “mouse” by any chance! 🙂

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    They managed to find a super-technical way round Lee Quarry

    we’re good like that…

    so yeah, yesterday was spent marking out a super-technical race course in Lee Quarry from 7am, then ensuring a lot of lads and lasses on their bikes had an enjoyable a race as they could in that lovely hot sun we had.
    then i went home and relaxed after spending the previous 3 days in a tent in Snowdonia, sans bikes but good times nonetheless (walked up Snowdon, minced about in an ice cold lake, had lots of campfires etc etc).

    Premier Icon mcnultycop

    I went to Lee Quarry for a ride then discovered there was a race on and the super-technical trails were closed! I managed to sneak through before the race started and got a lap of Cragg in then managed to get the last downhill at Lee in as the race wasn’t using that as part of their route. Only 15km but in that sun it was challenging, fair play to people racing up there.

    40 miles in Very Sunny conditions was absolutely Knackard by the time I got home.
    Started in Darwen over to Peel Tower back to Turton Tower, up to San Remo Mast onto Pigeon Tower down to the Barn but was Mega Busy with Bikers so stopped at Bowling Club for Shandy & Flap Jack 😀 Over to Healy Knab and back towards Darwen via Roddlesworth woods and another well earned Shandy at the Royal in Tockholes then Back to Darwen. All in all a great ride but very tiring in the Heat 😛

    Premier Icon stewartc

    A little ‘hike a bike’ session on Saturday, nothing like hauling bikes up rocky steps in plus 30 degree heat.

    It was a local cheeky trail, really tough to climb (over an hour of granny gear/carrying) but one that rewards with a great view and an even better descent.


    I had a good weekends riding. Didn’t have my daughter so I smashed a few rides and pub visits. The sun was shining and the trails were dry and fast.

    Ended the weekend with some German sausage from the continental market.

    And a couple of pints of Purple Moose Snowdon Ale.

    Now it’s all over and I’m back in work. 😥

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    In hindsight, racing a singlespeed at Cannock in 28? with a cold is not a good idea. Feeling lousy this morning


    Great weekends riding!

    Local ride on Saturday at Haldon which finished with me clearing the 20ft double i’ve been looking at for a while (cheers for the tow in neilforrow off here!)

    Sunday we ventured down to Cardinham where the outlaws looked after the boy whilst me and the lady went for a first ride together in 12months. It made my weekend, being able to watch her smile and ride bikes together!

    bigbadbob – Member

    Pennine X – Superb, it was too, one of my best rides in this country – ever. The people organising the event are just so nice, you want to keep going back just to see them again. Superb course in the dry, a bit tricky last year in the wet.


    A monumental effort in that heat got me a big PB and the 8th fastest time. So despite waking up with cramp in both feet and sore calves this morning, I’m pretty chuffed.

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