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  • Monday Morning Debrief No. 27 – What did you do?
  • Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Weekend off! Fettled some bike bits badly, weather finally turned down here in the far south (ern hemisphere) so set the trainer up inside and kept an eye out for the white walkers 🙂 Back to it next weekend

    Premier Icon ahsat

    Saturday hiding from the wind at Thrunton

    Sunday out round the Cheviots.

    p20 on his ASR5-C, me on the Cotic Soul (as the Nicolai is poorly) – muscles feeling a bit battered today.

    Few QoM/KoM’s in the mix too 😀


    Crash. Thats it really, didn’t make it far enough to do anything else.


    FB pic

    Hit the South Downs with a larger than usual Father’s Day crew, Lion Trail and the Steyning Woods Blue running brilliantly, no mechanicals, then back for pampering from the family. Happy man, I am.


    Hungover Saturday, spent most of it trying to rig a ghetto way to pull the bearings from the Anthem suspension.

    Sunday rode the Ogre and then realised I haven’t got the foggiest of how to press the new bearings back in to the suspension. 🙄

    Monday – buy Maestro bearing tool 😳

    50km on the MTB Saturday, 65KM on the road bike Sunday. One ride in 20 degrees and sun, the other in 10 and hail, what a difference 24 hours can make. All in all two good training sessions.

    Premier Icon andycs

    Had a list of things to do on Saturday……and didn’t do any of them! Lazy Sunday swapping parts from Scandel to Big Top with short run in the evening. Strange day emotionally, first Fathers day since Dad died and Daughter away working in USA.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Discovered the hard way that i’m not good on Nurfen Extra gel capsules. Puketastic.

    No riding for me.


    Mountain Mayhem for me, really enjoyed it too.

    Mountain Mayhem 2013, the end. by steve_b77, on Flickr

    Saturday – Rest
    Sunday – My first 25 Mile TT. Entred the Team Axiom Open. Wanted to break the hour so chuffed with 55.27.


    Did this

    On this

    Garmin battery died 6 miles before the end.. Longest i’ve ever been on the bike


    Fathers day involved some bikes.


    Friday – Pizza night, eldest son’s new girlfriend in attendance. Passed muster
    Saturday – Jobs in the morning, afternoon test ride for the new rigid SS
    Sunday – family day with parents, Outlaws and sons.
    Top weekend finished off with 3 hours Ironathon watching Bluestone 42.


    Three days of Cannock

    Friday: low-intensity trans-Chase epic
    Saturday afternoon: screaming lap of the official trails
    Yesterday: mixed bag on/off-piste, back in time for the DH. Win-win

    Saturday – bike fetteling, fitted towbar bike carrier, and a bit of shopping for stuff.

    Sunday – club run, 72 miles at 16.5mph. First in ages which annoyed me as I could repeatedly ride off the front or do very long turns on the flat, but on the only hill (near then end when the pace got upped to nearer 20) I dropped off the back like a stone! Which just left me furstrated knowing if I lost the couple of spare stone I’m carrying I’d be in the ‘brisk’ or even ‘fast’ groups!

    Having a carb free week as a result 🙁

    Premier Icon Tracey

    We did a figure of eight above Ladybower and then late lunch at the Inn


    Liverpool Street train station to Tate Britain and back via trooping the colour

    proper rad core

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    Lap of FTD + Monkey at Cannock Sat morning. Paloma Faith gig at Sherwood Pines Sat night.



    Worked 2 x 11 hour days


    Rebuilt the Alpine 160 on Thursday for a shakedown ride Friday late aftenoon then my usual big Saturday ride..

    Sunday a small ride up to West Kirby with a mate who has just recently took up cycling.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Velodrome last night with Ms S, Ninkynonk, Mr Overshoot, Marin and others of this parish.

    Great night, cheers for the invite Mark, hope you’re better soon.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Up to Kinlochleven for the Bluegrass enduro… Sacked off the race and just made practice day into a fun ride on new and old trails, lovely. Then up to Fort William on sunday instead of racing and spent the day on the downhill and nevis red- I’d planned a wee lap of the Witches Trails too but they’re closed 🙁 Lovely weather, more views than in any ride this year… Lovely.

    Some quality riding on this thread, makes for great reading.

    Nice work there trickydisco!

    carb free week

    Now ruined as the canteen was doing macaroni cheese 🙂

    Lightcliffe to Pecket Well on the towpath.

    Check out the ‘ancient-ish and not so modern’ Oranges.

    Great time ‘sessioning’ the trail in the woods (must have been up and down one bit or another over 20 times in total).

    Towpath home. Knackered (52km there and back) but well worth it, even the pushing up the packhorse bit at the start over and over and over…..

    Great day.

    Coin-op bogs…cheeky buggers.


    45 MTB miles around the Ridgeway on a nice local route organised by the village my sister used to live in:


    Not a long distance, but the first time since breaking my wrist i’ve been back on the bike for more than an hr or so. Also we were fast enough to avoid the positively Biblical Downpour that hit the 2/3rds of the riders so hard it was like an out take from “waterworld” at times 😉


    Dicked about the usual trails in the Surrey Hills, took the dog but as it’s not a trail centre I didn’t feel bad. About 3 hours all in no idea how far or what the elevation was but had a nice cuppa and enjoyed myself.


    Hike-a-bike to Loch nan Eun from the Spittal of Glenshee, then more of the same onto Glas Tulaichean. fantastic plummet back to the Spittal on loose estate track 😀

    Premier Icon simoncox

    Did the UPTONOGOOD 45 mile race. Just made it back before the deluge!

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    50 miles around Suffolk on Saturday, one off just before Woodbridge. Managed to climb 2500 feet according to Garmin!! Saw the flypast for the aforementioned colour trooping as it went over Dallinghoo. Got back just before the rain, result. Nice pic taken on a cheeky section
    Clopton Church 1 by Hamster, on Flickr[/img]
    Sunday nothing as the thigh muscle that I crashed on said enough, so wedding stuff with Mrs Sandwich for the day.


    Also we were fast enough to avoid the positively Biblical Downpour that hit the 2/3rds of the riders so hard it was like an out take from “waterworld” at times

    Yup it was pretty wet for the last 5 miles or so for us, think my mate was the first* fatbike to the finish line though

    * and only?

    Premier Icon dawson

    Came 3rd in my 4hr solo category cross country race at Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire! Yay me!

    Legs are a bit hurty today though.


    Saturday: Wife took my girls out to see her parents so I took the hound out for a trip round Delamere.
    Sunday: Usual morning ride followed by fork service (found that the Talas side is worn but still working and I’ve got my missing 20mm back), steak and cider 😀
    Nice weekend.

    Princess Jasmine


    Didnt really get up to much riding as I was pretty busy with family stuff, just a couple of quick road rides. Bmx tomorrow 🙂

    Premier Icon jonathan

    Despite plans I didn’t get to ride at all.. but he did though >>

    Podium… 3 times! 3rd, 2nd, 3rd by Jonathan Bateman, on Flickr

    Happy chap and proud dad 😉

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Spent a couple of hours yesterday evening experimenting with shock and fork pressures on my FS, using Evian in Winterfold as my test bed. It’s a short trail but with a gradient on it, berms, a steep bombhole and some root steps, so a good candidate as a laboratory.

    I finished with the settings pretty much where I started them!


    My slowest ride of the year so far. Averaged less than 3 miles per hour!!!

    … but that was over the 4 passes; Honister, Scarth Gap, Black Sail & Sty Head and did involve a leisurely lunch and brew at Black Sail Hostel.

    Great route. Good descents but some serious hike-a-bike too. Wouldn’t want to carry a 35lb bike on my back much further than that though.


    Rode up the Rangger Kopfl – A reasonably insignificant peak on the skyline from Innsbruck. I’ve been looking at it for ages and only just got around to getting to the top. It was worth it!

    Sunday at my Aunty’s in Sheffield for my Nan’s 90th b’day.

    Found this in the woods at the back of their garden

    Leave them for the ‘yoots’……

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