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  • Premier Icon paulosoxo

    This. It was fantastic.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I eschewed my “normal” road club ride for 2 MTB rides this weekend. The first was great, I really enjoyed some stunning and fast forest singletrack.

    The second (probably due to psychology) was ridden in a lackadaisical fashion and ended with broken spokes.

    Its good to be back on the MTB’s though.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    Mountain biking in mountains

    A bit of hidden singletrack finding

    and getting out of my depth

    And then Fort William on Sunday
    Not too shabby a weekend actually.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Hours in car: 14.
    Grumpy children: 3.
    70th Birthday parties: 1.
    Hours on bike: 0.5

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Swinley Red and Blue πŸ™‚


    Bristol Bike Fest πŸ™‚ Had a great day apart from a mate head butting a tree (but he’s ok now)

    106km road ride.

    Included having abuse shouted by car passengers (no road conflict just random abuse), hitting the deck after clipping a traffic island and my ride partner being crapped on by a bird.


    Couple of hours round Marple and Mellor at 7am on Saturday before going to some festival for kids and stuff with my niece.

    About 20miles and 2000ft (the bike ride, not my niece).

    Saturday – dicked about at Swinley on the Pitch – 28 miles

    Sunday – Cafe’n’back ride on the road – 50 miles

    Monday – commuted in by bike, pedal siezed (guess which brand!) – 6 miles


    Stuck in PH nigeria so

    10 miles on an exercise bike in the gym

    10kms running round the 2.5km loop on the perimeter of the base in +30 & 100% humidity.

    watched the F1 :D#

    while me mates did the deeside lass 600k audax πŸ™

    Premier Icon jonathan

    Friday through to Saturday I rode 250 miles on the road for “charidee”… that was enough. Quite tired now πŸ˜‰


    I did this, the Folding Bike Race at Raphas London Nocture.
    It was hilarious… I then proceeded to drink lots of Real Ale with mates. πŸ˜‰

    [/url] image by bikebouy, on Flickr[/img]

    Premier Icon oldagedpredator

    3 rides over 48hrs covering about 150km. A return to busy biking weekends for the first time in ages. Got proper shakey fear over the back of Limecraig at Aberfoyle on Friday evening. Dry trails all the way Saturday – lots of bluebells. Bit of aerial photograph inspired exploring on Sunday.

    Got road abuse as well, usual get off the… cyclists… Really some people need to understand they’re not a demon (driver) it’s bad sun burn.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Surrey Hill Saturday, was led round some new (to me) single track and had a stop at peas lake that’s always worth the effort of the climb back up. 24 miles / 890m climbing.

    Sunday – my wife’s school year had a reunion based around a cricket match which I guested at. First game for about 7 years, I kept wicket (one catch, no byes, one decent stumping appeal but umpire had dropped off), and then made 26 with the bat before being sawn off lbw

    Monday – can hardly move but I have 2 fir trees to dig out. Nurofen and co-codamol will see me through.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Did my 2 Woods and a Hill ride.

    1 of the 2 woods is still boggy in places but was a fun 34km overall.

    Race time for my son’s:

    I managed two solid training sessions of 50km and 45km, riding some brilliant dry and rocky trails.

    Premier Icon ComradeD

    Hebden Bridge to Oxenhope loop in gorgeous sunshine.

    Awesome ride with great company


    After spending the entire week cooped up in an office looking forward to riding Cut Gate when it was dry, I got to Cranberry Clough and snapped my rear mech hanger.

    Then I pushed the 6 miles back to the car with a sad face πŸ™

    Meh. Was ok s’uppose. πŸ˜‰

    Premier Icon stevied

    Spent all of Saturday in hospital with Mini D. Had a respiratory problem πŸ™ all OK now tho..was supposed to be heading to FoD

    Spent the weekend under the Syncro – exhaust install completed, sump removed, gasket installed, sump refitted, all fluids replaced, fired up – sump has a small hole weeping oil – ARSE!

    Sunday – stripped it all again, grabbed sump off spare engine, wet through whole process again. Replaced all fluids again, water pouring out of a front to back pipe – ARSE II, circlip given up, replaced refilled water.
    Finally at 6pm took for a spin.

    Now have an 8 seater, 4×4, 100mph kettle – boiled over, so the next game is chase the airlock.

    Did manage to clean the camper inside and fit new curtains (one missing, ARSE III) contacted curtain company, making and sending today.

    Did stroke the bike twice as I walked past it adn in a fit of pique ordered new bar ends, saddle and cranks for the greenmachine.

    I AM going out for a ride tonight, no matter what happens

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    nice pics trailofdestruction. πŸ™‚ Where?

    For me, saturday was 90km over the Penines to Caldbeck. Spend 11 hours sanding floorboards, then ride home again. Hartside Pass twice in one day. Long day.

    Sunday was all about my son’s 5th birthday (today). Spent the day at a friends eating bbq meat, drinking beer in the sunshione while the kids played. Great weekend.

    Today, son #1 got his new bike. Happy. πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon chakaping

    trailofdestruction – is that hole in the wall the “hole in the wall” trail at Grizedale?

    I kept it local so I could be back in time to work and watch the World Cup live online. Great Hill and Healy Nab.


    Chevy Chase enduro on the Isle of Widget on sat, 5 laps (would have been 6 had I not punctured and discovered my spare was already requiring repairs 😳 )
    Good laugh and the beers and burger after was much enjoyed.

    Then sat on Cowes seafront yesterday eating chips in lovely warm sunshine and had a barbie last night.

    Big loop round Grizedale, Far Sawrey, over 3 tarns to Claife, down into Hawkshead, back round the NFT to the visitors center, back up to the top of Parkamoor, where I meet all of the Wollybacks crews *waves at Wollybacks*, and then back over into the forest and down Moor Lane to Satterthwaite.

    Would have gone down Parkamoor to Nibthwaite, and then back up the road and over the top, but I had 5 punctures, so ran out of time to do a bigger loop. Still not beaten my record of 7 punctures on one ride 😳

    EDIT : trailofdestruction – is that hole in the wall the “hole in the wall” trail at Grizedale?

    Indeed, keeps you on your toes. Me likey.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    After being at the Fujimi MTB Park in Japan the week before this weekend was a little bit of an anti-climax, did go out and test my new Widgit chain ring up some mountain as I just went to 1×10, result = I need to work on my leg muscles….

    The reward though was a nice bacon and egg bap at the other side, needed it to give me the energy to ‘hike a bike’ back up, not easy when the temperature hits 30 and theres 90% humidity!

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Did Bowderdale Classic on Saturday. Weirdly, enjoyed it less than I thought I would – up to the Calf was fine, but the ‘best natural singletrack descent in the country’ not feeling quite as fine as expected, washed out in a few spots, still boggy and muddy in places, perhaps I was expecting too much. Bit of wandering around a featureless field and abuse from motorist too.

    It’s possible that it being the fifth ride in seven days and feeling just a little too knackered was the source of my negativity.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Little bit of local exploration by bike on Saturday. Very pleasant.
    Kid had a footy tournament on Sunday

    (knocked out in the semi-finals πŸ™ )

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Spent Sunday at Wharncliffe. Last time I saw it as dry I fell off and bust my shoulder

    Premier Icon Alex

    FoD/Yat – 55ks of superb trails with nearly 20 (TWENTY – unheard of numbers, although mate’s birthday and Cake had been promised in the pub afterwards…) riders. I love those trails – some build by the boys and girls from Dirt Mag – and they are in uber-buff condition.

    Finish ride, collect cold beer, eat grilled dead pig of the BBQ. Worse thing about this weekend was it finished on Sunday night and I had to come to work πŸ™

    Some great pics up there ^^^ I forgot to take any.


    Nowt this weekend due to having man flu, so sat about all weekend and watched loads of rugby whilst feeling poo. Also grumpy because my new frame hadn’t arrived in the county to pick up on Saturday.


    Decided to ride the local Wirral Way on Saturday, dodging prams, scallies, dogs on the cycle path in Seacombe.

    Then on Sunday left a little late for a trip to Llandegla.

    Just need to wash the bike ready for a few midweek rides planned.


    Went to the world cup event at Fort William is was awesome excellent riders and weather was fantastic.

    Premier Icon dawson

    45 miles round local woodlands in preparation for an event next weekend


    Friday night ‘camping’ in my mums back garden with our three year old, William.
    Saturday beach.
    Sunday AM 105 miles on the roads around Northumberland.
    Sunday PM, picnic with family, then an Ice cream watching planes land at the airport with William.
    Sunday Night, raised a few glasses of Malt to Iain Banks

    All in all a lovely weekend.

    Premier Icon mugsys_m8

    Mrs Mugsy won the women’s scratch in the Granite Mont LozΓ©re on Saturday whilst I played with les enfants terribles including Etienne catching 2 trout down at the fishing club’s gala.

    Yesterday I raced a local race known as the triptyque du Fontanil here near Grenoble. Comprising a 2.5km prologue, a mass start by category 600m hill climb over 6.5km, then a 40km road race.

    I’m super happy as it was the first road race where I’ve finished in the peloton. I even managed a solo breakaway for about a lap. Let the peloton reel me in after I got a bit scared and the headwind on the back straight was too hard alone.

    To top it off returned home and we all ate Etiennes trouts.
    i.e. a great weekend!

    Premier Icon NeilMack

    Bit of the Badenoch way on Saturday morning and then around Loch Morlich in the afternoon – 3 year old did the whole thing on his balance bike πŸ˜€

    Around Rothiemurchus on Sunday with the kids – pebble skimming at Cairngorm footbridge. Glorious.


    Entered and finished the Wicklow 200 on a Alfine Pompino.

    Not particularly fast (10.5 hours), but it’s 1900m of climbing and a big step up from my previous 80km record (200km/125miles).

    Really, really chuffed with myself and not in a bad state today.

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