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  • Premier Icon jeffl

    Rode a 60 mile road ride for charity on my MTB, with semi slick tyres, in 4.5 hours which I’m well chuffed with. 😀

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    Sunday involved a few of us rattling around the Preferred Singletrack Loop at a reasonable clip to get one party back in time for a lunch outing. Probably should have mown the lawn that affernoon but took the family for a walk to look at the bluebells before the canopy fills in and puts them to bed for another year.


    Started fitting a new kitchen floor on Saturday… no riding next weekend as a result of losing a load of plaster when removing the skirting board.

    Sunday- Rode a charity bike ride called Tonya’s Challenge. Nothing to shout about in terms of technical trails or anything as it is mostly a ride through farm land. But the spirit of the day was great and 37 miles off road in 3.5 hours has left me broken today!

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    Somebody should get journos to ride in mud one day!

    Saturday – a quick 20 mile local loop then fiddling with bikes outside but got fed up with 1) Nothing fitting (just one of those days) and 2) Hopping in and out dodging the rain showers. Carbo loaded on Saturday evening.

    Sunday – Bucks Off Road! Rode the short loop (50k) with Mrs O. Had a few issues with her rear mech which had somehow got bent but we got round. Finished just as the rain stopped! Perfect.


    CVMBC for me. Great event, as ever.
    30 miles on the challenge.
    Rode to the start and back.
    Total of 41 miles and 1650mtrs ascent.
    All off 2/3 of no riding in the run-up 😯
    Arguably a silly thing to do but, a dragged my sorry butt around… think i’m clinging on to a place in the last 10 to finish …

    85k road ride with my niece. longest ride of the year so far. Set a new fastest average speed for her. Saw my first live polo match whilst riding through Windsor great park. No rain. Light wind. Little sunburnt.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Saturday- went to Dirtschool for their jumps and drops class, as my jumping’s terrible. Really good day, but all that manualling and hopping and jumping exploded my arms so sunday became a day of rest. I can now jump a bit.


    Cannock on Friday a perfectly timed run between the morning downpour and the afternoon downpour

    Saturday too wet, CBA

    Sunday was a day of meh with the kids doing school work and mrs rocket preparing a meal for some relatives. Of course in these circumstances I had no choice but to go for a lap of Cannock. Started off dry then at the halfway stage I faced the dilemma of racing back and staying dry but having to socialise with the relatives or extending the ride and getting wet… 😉

    Premier Icon mintimperial

    CVMBC here too. Was ace. 😀


    98.6 mile Jurassic Beast road sportive.

    Premier Icon stever

    Like an idiot, I ran 34 miles on Saturday. Time to get back on the bike now 🙂

    Premier Icon teamslug

    CVMBC here too. 3 hours 10 mins. Bit gutted to be honest but just one of those days. Great event. 30 miles over 4000 feet of climbing.

    david jey

    Saturday: rode to and from (and around!) Cwmcarn from Cardiff. It rained a bit, the sun shone a bit.
    Sunday: club run. It rained.


    I went to the FA Cup Final and watched the team that I have followed since they where in the 4th tier of English Football win. It wasn’t bad at all 😀


    Unseized my chainstay pivot bearings on sunday and cleaned the chain. 😳


    Didn’t touch my bike this weekend, was working both days 🙁 Hopefully a 25 mile road ride this afternoon depending how windy it is.

    Nice local ride Saturday morning in the sun with lovely dusty trails and some new cheeky bits for good measure. Day off yesterday, with a planned road blast this morning foiled by an exploding inner tube. Doh.

    Premier Icon dawson

    35 mile singlespeed ride over to Sherwood Pines and back – for a lap of the Red – Pines was deserted

    Kids footy tournament Saturday and a little spin out in the torrential rain round The Fred Whitton yesterday !!!

    Premier Icon Andy R

    Went out with the chainsaw on Sunday afternoon to clear a load of big trees (brought down by the last snow)from some local singletrack.

    Caingorms this weekend . First time riding there and really enjoyed it .


    2 laps of Innerleithen Red XC route on Sunday. The first one for this year, hopefully many more to do.

    Premier Icon househusband

    An overnighter in the hills above Blair Atholl with three other hunks from here; managed to get a wee fire going – and then consumed wine and whisky accompanied by a smorgasboard of artisan and craft foods.


    Yesterday I did my first century on an mtb (or any kind of bike for that matter). I changed my plans on route when hit with bad weather and then regretted doing so. For penance, I altered my route home to take in some climbs – which seemed to give me a boost.

    On Friday I also managed to get 69 miles in around a work day. It’s all training for an endurance challenge.

    Feeling a bit fatigued today – will be out on the bike later to see if I’m a bit creaky.

    Premier Icon buck53

    Managed to dodge the rain on Saturday and tried out the new NCC trails down the road at Clayton Vale.Lots of fun blue nadgery-ness to be had, seems I didn’t find quite a bit as well, so will be back one evening this week.

    Sunday involved no riding, watched my girlfriend’s jazz band play in a park in Littleborough, then raced home to defrost/dry out and watch Fergie’s farewell.

    Premier Icon RobinL

    29 miles around Lower Calderdale and the M62 corridor

    100_0026 by robinl2013, on Flickr

    100_0027 by robinl2013, on Flickr

    100_0030 by robinl2013, on Flickr

    Premier Icon mugsys_m8

    Saturday: the kids were ‘a bit of a handful’ Went for a very samll walk with the kids on their bikes. Then Mrs Mugsy took them swimming whilst I gave my roadbike a long overdue fettle including new bars and cables.

    Sunday: Rescued Mrs Mugsy as she got knocked off her road bike in the first 20km of what was to be a 3hr ride. Headed up into the Vercors with the family and tried to compete in the Department Championships UFOLEP road race. Was never going to be a contender but would be happy to finish. Course was HARD with a strong headwind on a 3km stretch then a STEEP narrow 500m odd climb Settled down was in a good group of 4 others behind the main peloton and then 4 laps in of a 7 lap race my saddle clamp on the seatpost slipped and I couldn’t ride anymore.

    Luckily could have been a worse day: Mrs Mugsy is not hurt, bike is a bit of a mess though and she needs to get training, but could be without a road bike for a while due to insurances etc.


    Poped into Cardrona Forest as part of a 20 mile loop. Upon entering the car park I was immediately told to ‘Ride slowly past my horse!!’ by a female loading her nag into it’s box.

    😕 Hmm…

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    An overnighter in the hills above Blair Atholl with three other hunks from here; managed to get a wee fire going – and then consumed wine and whisky accompanied by a smorgasboard of artisan and craft foods.

    Cannock on Friday – didn’t time it as well as rocketman and got soaked, but still had fun.

    Did the Yorkshire Weaver yesterday (56 miles) and got wet again. Despite grunting, hacking and swearing my way through it (so ladylike me) I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing more races!

    Rode Coed-Y-Brenin on Saturday and Penmachno on the Sunday, both in atrocious weather but it was still fun.

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    After sending a small group to Swanage last weekend, the Combe Raiders were back in force for a 50th birthday!

    We did a short ride on the Friday evening, followed by the SSUK route on the Saturday. We then liked together some of Charlie’s recommendations for a great 23 mile Sunday ride.

    Some great company, riding, food, beer and cider [we may have accidentally raced some roadies in the Jurrasic Wiggle sportive^ too :oops:]

    Swanage by oxym0r0n, on Flickr

    Singletrack by oxym0r0n, on Flickr

    Up by oxym0r0n, on Flickr

    Down by oxym0r0n, on Flickr

    Corfe castle by oxym0r0n, on Flickr

    Casual solo Mendip ride on the Sov. What a contrast from the last week in Sierra Nevada!? Lively all the same.


    Saturday- brewed up for 70 roadies after our club’s 50-mile TT.
    Sunday- 87 miles on road bike, about half of which was in the rain, so arrived home with very soggy hands, legs and feet!


    Saturday – off piste around Cannock. Some new routes so that was good.

    Sunday I entered the Eastridge Mini Enduro – thinking that beimg “Mini” it would be gentle intro. Not a chance – over 3000ft of climb in 12 miles. That obviously also means 3000ft of decent. (Thats both practice and competition). It was like nothing I’ve riden before. Nothing like it that I’ve found round Cannock. Seriously steep, rooty, rocky, gnarly – well it was for a nigh on 50yr old fattie.

    Got round without getting off, falling off etc but very near the bottom of the table.

    Premier Icon sefton

    colne mtb challenge

    fatsimon mk2

    rode local loop on sun morning with 2 mates tested out some bits of trail that we had cut through some bushes to avoid really boggy bits worked well so all good started early as had prior engagement to get to sun afternoon(taking son to zoo)

    Premier Icon ben061

    Did a bit to redress my ride to dig balance at Stainburn. Warmed up on the Norwood side, which was towards the less muddy of its conditions and offered some good root and rock action. Did various permutations of Warren boulder reds and black until worn out, which happened to correspond with lunchtime. Nice.

    Premier Icon scotroutes


    Thanks to househusband, ojom and jimmy for a memorable evening 😉

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