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  • Monday Morning Debrief 44 – Stormageddon edition
  • Dave

    We had two good rides in filthy conditions, while listening to the tales of the incoming stormageddon

    Monday Morning Debrief 44

    Where did you get to?


    SURFING !!!


    I led our predominantly road orientated clubs first MTB ride up around North Leeds and a good time was had by all.

    It confirmed its time for mud tires but it also popped my mud cherry and I ended the ride at peace with the fact that this is it now for the next 4-5 months.

    Regarding ‘Stormageddon’ I’m think this is Southern softies being all dramatic, looks like a standard Autumn day up North to me.

    Premier Icon cnud

    We had a go at Stannage Plantation in the Peak. It was “interesting”


    Yesterday, 25 miles in the Yorkshire mud, including an off into said mud resulting in a purple and blue buttock! It was MINT! Can’t wait to do it again…Well…minus the bruised arse bit!

    Premier Icon kimbers

    50k round a blustery afan on Saturday 1st ride my new kona process , loved it


    It was the first “probably should of worn water proof socks” ride of the year for me.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    saturday at a very wet and windy Penmachno, sunday at slightly less windy but infinitely wetter CYB


    26 miles out on the Cheshire plains, bit of the cheshire cycleway and some wooded bridleways, very nice too. We set off about 7.30pm with the big lights on and prepped for the worst of what british weather could throw at us, but there was little wind, no rain and the temperature wasn’t too bad either.

    Drove to Birmingham Friday night, got drunk with my brother, drove back in Stormageddon.

    Premier Icon crispo

    Fantastic weekend up in Edinburgh visiting a Uni friend.

    Train up on friday with a top gear-esque race from Wavely Station to his house, me on my trusty Stumpjumper, him in a c63 amg merc, he just pipped me back but that is because I got lost so had to consult my phone for directions. Think I would have had him otherwise!

    Saturday we went to Glentress and rode the red route but added in a cheeky bit of black in the form of Deliverance and Redemption. Great ride and and surprisingly good conditions!

    Couple of cheeky pints in the grassmarket in the evening.

    Sunday he took me to his local after work ride at Carron Valley. It’s not the longest or hardest but we did it a couple of times and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable little jaunt out, even despite the very very wet conditions.


    First weekend in a while that I haven’t made it out on the bike, and I’m up in Aberdeenshire so I can’t use the storm as an excuse as the weather wasn’t all that bad.


    Friday – Long’ish run along the coast in the wind / rain with added scrambling in and out of most of the quarries along the way.
    Saturday – Short’ish ride in the wind / rain with my mum & cousin.
    Sunday – Fairly short run in the wind / rain.
    I’m off this week too, so there’ll be more of the same I hope!


    Two old blokes with health ‘issues’. Saturday Mendip, Bleadon Hill, mild, sunny, breezy. Got home covered in crap, wives not impressed. Sunday took wives for lunch. Equilibrium restored. Bring on tuesday 🙂


    Saturday: 10km xc run in the rain.
    Sunday: A few laps of Bedgebury. It rained at one point, but otherwise fine. Lots of standing water, though.


    Shortish ride in the White Peak – wind and sunshine, followed by wind and rain, followed by wind and sunshine…

    Mud, wind, rain, wet leaves, wet limestone, summer tyres equals some really scary moments plus a big grin factor in roughly equal parts.

    Didn’t notice a Stormageddon though…

    Premier Icon jameso

    Roadie weekend. Rode home to visit family, 100 miles in blustery headwinds going east on Sat. Expected a bit more than I got on the way home, was 50 mins faster but no massive tailwinds as hoped for, just a pleasant push. Big gears and easy riding in still air at 25-30 in places, feeling like a pro )

    We’ve had blazing sunshine in Bristol this afternoon. It’s still warm for the time of year.

    TBF, when is it not “very wet and windy Penmachno”?

    Who do you ride with on a Tuesday night, properjob?

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    TBF, when is it not “very wet and windy Penmachno”

    Well quite, as I heard two locals say”it’ll only be a shower”

    “yes, but a shower in Wales can last 3 weeks”

    Premier Icon kendonagasaki

    Saturday was a very windy ride from Conwy and most of the way up Drum Mountain. Too be honest we did turn back, but we were advised by walkers that they couldn’t stand up on the top. Stayed ahead of the rain all day. Great fun. 🙂


    We did 25 miles round the Howgills on Saturday. There was a howling gale on the tops in the clouds, but the single track descent was great. We saw some fell ponies too. A low point was floundering through a quagmire half way round, but all in all, a great day out.


    We did a 20 mile loop in Calderdale on Sunday, Copley – Norland – Kebroyd – Rippoonden – Rishworth – Scammonden Dam – Pole Moor – Holywell Green – Norland – Copley!!! Bloody hard work, loads of mud and water, rain, gale force winds … had an absolute blast. You’re right, it’s good for the soul 🙂 I went out with a stressed out head from a busy week at work and came back calm and relaxed. Job done! Get out and ride – embrace the changing seasons as they add extra dimensions to your rides 🙂

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