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    Saturday was Malvern mist fest

    Skyline by rOcKeTdOgUk, on Flickr

    Misty Malvern by rOcKeTdOgUk, on Flickr
    blogged here

    With some local stuff in the afternoon

    steps by rOcKeTdOgUk, on Flickr

    Some misty action for me as well in North Wales. A great solo 28 miler in the bag 🙂

    and a spot of lunch….

    More pics here:


    32 miles down the Tardebigge canal and out through Droitwich on the canals for me. Thought i’d take the full suss for once to blow the cobwebs off it as it’s sat unused since the ‘summer’. Bad choice, canals were far muddier than i’d been expecting and the rear end clogged up with nasty mud a few times. Enjoyed the ride though. My first use of Strava as well and there’s a segment for the main Locks. 4th at the moment but i shall return in the dry……
    Little back lanes bimble on Sunday as well.


    Malvern’s Sunday earlyish start. 16 miles, one puncture, comedy slip at 1mph in the mud in woods near obelisk, cold feet but big grin.

    Premier Icon binners

    Lovely tour of a multitude of East Lancs reservoirs yesterday. It seemed that everyone had taken their mums to the pub for mothers day, as the trails were devoid of the usual Sunday walkers, so we used the opportunity to indulge in some serious cheekyness that is normally the exclusive preserve of night rides 😀

    When you were out of the biting wind it was lovely, but we rode right into the teeth of it for the last 5 miles which was bloody hard work!


    Wet, cold, muddy. First MTB ride of 2013. 57 miles on Saturday and 20 on Sunday. Bloody loved it 😀

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Was booked in for a dirtschool jump day at Glentress on saturday. Got there and found a cold and sheepish looking Mr Barlow, weather too bad to do the course safely- driving horizontal snow, lovely. So what else can you do but go for a quick ride? Zoomed around the red, bits of the black and the blue, some off-map stuff, some more red… Cold weather meant not stopping and pedalling for warmth, so lo, many strava personal bests were obtained that day. Froze solid within 5 minutes of stopping riding at the end. Fab day out really.


    I’m waiting for a new mech hanger to arrive from USA, so had to go road-riding.

    100km along the Basque coast, in the sun, was nice.


    No riding as I was being a good boy just been sent home from work out in 20 pics to follow 🙂

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    More ShingleSpeed riding pour moi.

    [/url] Untitled by bikebouy, on Flickr[/img]


    Nothing particularly exciting to report. Hillyish (by South East standards) ride in the Chilterns on the road bike. 63 miles.


    South Downs – Chanctonbury Ring, head over heels on my face and shoulder, alone. But very very happy to be back on the bike after three weeks off.

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    34 miles, including some extreme cheekiness on the IOW coastal path towards the southern tip of the island. Conditions ranging from balmy spring sunshine glittering on an azure sea to chilly, eerie mist on the tops of the downs. 😀

    Snapped a singlespeed chain, fell over and bumped my knee and elbow. 😥

    Need to start taking some more pictures for these threads.


    Embraced the filth at Cannock on Saturday and quite enjoyed it once I’d accepted it was cold and wet and still winter and no longer dry and dusty and Spring-like

    Didn’t seem particularly busy but thanks to everyone who stopped to see if I was OK while I was fixing a puncture karma and all that

    Premier Icon chvck

    Nettlebed route from rough ride guide. It was muddy.


    A quick 20 mins on the road bike in the snow was enough for me!

    A warm Hilly TT on Saturday where I finished 6th, so chuffed with that.

    Sunday; Castle Combe Road Race in the 4th Cat which I won. 😀

    The photo finish!

    Premier Icon mangoridebike

    First ride in daylight this year for me yesterday, cycled to meet the wife and kids in the forest, had a play with them and cycled home. Got v cold in the middle but it was worth it.

    Clear bright day but bitterly cold in the wind. Awesome to be riding through though!

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Chose MTB over usual Sunday morning road ride with the club. It was blowy and the thin layer of snow gave way to pretty soft and squidgy ground underneath, so the bike got a nice collection of iced up mud on it. Still a fun rode though, which is more than can be said for the lad I was with who had 3 mechanicals and ended up walking home.

    Trails above Tod and Hebden (Route 1 and some of 2 from Benji Howarth’s book).
    Cracking ride.
    Bit muddy…


    Windy but sunny 170k straddling the border between Navarra & Lapurdi.


    Did a 20mile route around Winter Hill and Rivington/Chinese gardens with my dad, ive never seen it as quiet, even Rivi Pike was dead 8O, it was absolutely Baltic but one of the best days riding so far!

    Premier Icon binners

    philbert – Yesterday was really weird, wasn’t it? Where was everyone? We rode over to round Entwsitle and Edgerton over Darwen Moor and we hardly saw a soul all day!


    After too much beer on Friday night and cold drizzle Saturday morning, I gave the biking a miss and embarked on a 8 miles walk around Hayfield. Saw one fella on his full sus, looked like he was having fun if a little cold.


    Did 240 km over the weekend on the road. I hoping for some singletrack to be dry in the next few weeks, but for the mean time I’m content to explore the local tarmac. Starting from Innsbruck, I did my best to get to Italy, but even with the recent warm temperatures, there’s still a little bit too much snow to make it over the pass. I’ll be back next weekend to give it another shot.


    2 muddy rides in the woods in South Oxfordshire near Henley on Thames, no photos
    but a boring video here


    11 miles around sherwood pines on saturday – only went as was collecting a new (2nd hand) bike for the misses – muddy, muddy, muddy – first time there, and wont be rushing back !

    Before and after shots – i’ve never seen the dog looking so fed up ! :

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Very hot day on Saturday and a nice little techy ride at Chi Ma Wan…..

    always time for a little posing though:)

    Lucky we finished at Pui O beach with a few beers, looks like winter has come and gone, sometimes I just dont miss home.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    37 miles on the road in snow, hail and rain. There was underlying whimpering when we left the tea shop back into the gloom! My feet lost all sensation at 30 miles.

    Premier Icon jezketley

    Had a long day trip to Afan on Saturday with a few club mates. Rode W2 and played in the Bike Park. Was a great day out, and pleasant weather compared to some places it seems.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    just looked at your Piccies summittoppler,i have done a lot of riding around there, but a few places I don’t recognise. Any chance you can ping me the route please



    just looked at your Piccies summittoppler,i have done a lot of riding around there, but a few places I don’t recognise. Any chance you can ping me the route please


    Premier Icon debaser

    Bit late in the week with this, but the good news is that it’s almost the weekend again 🙂

    When the wind dropped and the snow started to fall more vertically than horizontally last Sunday afternoon I took a trip up Carn Daimh.

    A mixture of sunshine and snow showers with ice and snow everywhere underwheel. Only one section unrideable due to a winters worth of deep drifted snow with a not quite cripsy enough top to ride.

    Can’t wait for the new Glenlivet Estate trails up there to be finished, nothing is open or rideable yet but the sections I spotted look like they are shaping up very nicely. That hill has a lot of potential.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Bike buller 3 days about 140kms pics and videos and a bit more to follow when I get back to civilisation

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