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  • Monarch rt3 deb, Aircan removal
  • dumbbot

    Ok what am I doing wrong, I have one end clamped in a vice and the air can is just rotating and not coming off.

    Don’t have a strap wrench, is that the issue?


    If it’s the same as my plus, there’s an o ring at the bottom of the air can(closest to the eye). Use a pick to get this off, then the air can just pulls off. With a bit of wiggling.


    And dont forget to depressurise the shock first.

    It is a pain, I really struggled with mine. I think the factory gets a bit excited and screws it too tight to take off by hand. I now own a strap wrench.

    Even if you have pulled the outer off as above, you still need to unscrew the aircan proper.

    Grip it at the bottom with the strap wrench.


    You are rotating the outer sleeve. You need to remove that first by sliding it off (first remove the O ring) and then the sleeve under that is the one you want to undo 🙂

    Premier Icon andybrad

    it took me 2 strap wrenches to get mine off!!!!

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