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  • Mojo HD3 – Shock Swap Q’s…
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    Hi guys.
    If I swap my CCDB Inline for a Fox Float X will I need a different bushing kit, or are they the same for both shocks?
    I’m guessing not…
    Also, has anybody deciphered the Fox tuning codes, which are given for the shock when putting the 4 digit code into their site?
    I’ve got the chance of a shock which isn’t tuned specifically for my bike, but would like to know how close it is & what’s involved in changing it.

    New shock is C01, RM, Climb M, Rezi CL.
    Think the HD3 tune is CL, RM, Climb F

    At a guess I’d say RM is medium rebound, Climb M /F is medium or firm Climb & pretty sure the HD3 needs a light compression setting.
    No idea about C01, or Rezi CL!

    Thanks for any input!

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    I used a cane creek bushing kit on my Nicolai to fit a Fox RP23 so I think you might be OK

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