Modern life – who knew this was a thing

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  • Modern life – who knew this was a thing
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    despite living in same town

    This is an interesting one for me, in that my friends don’t all live in the same town.

    I could easily go and visit a mate, but it’d probably be the one friend rather than friends as getting a group together would involve a number of people driving for an hour or two. Then people might not be able to have a drink as they can’t crash over because of various family commitments, meaning another couple of hours’ drive home again.

    It was different when we were 20, no ties, all within spitting distance of each other and your requirements for a bed was “flat, and if possible dry.” These days, getting a group together to do something when everyone’s free is a challenge (I’ve just done this in fact, there’s five of us including myself and the first free weekend we can all make is in May.)

    Or alternatively, we can fire up a console with two minutes’ notice, grab a headset, and spend a bit of quality time with old friends at the other end of the county who we’ve not seen in six months.


    My brother’s PS4 (GTA/shootemup) crew arent all even in the same country.

    They have a psycho Socttish chap who’s always worth it in a meleé 🙂

    Boba Fatt

    Good, it’s not just me who thinks it’s odd.

    They spend 8 hours a day working together, go home, logon to Skype and watch whatever sci-fi/superhero low rent TV show is on the go at the moment together.

    Weirdly, 2 of them live with their girlfriends. The other two stay at home, they’re all in their mid to late twenties.

    I knew they would play videogames together, because it’s all they talk about at work for hours on end, but this TV thing seemed really odd.

    Some guys at my work ride bikes online racing each other. Bit like an xbox with a turbo trainer. They live near each other too and are in their 40s.

    Right I’m up for some of this.

    Sam Friers the Mummy Diaries, Thursday, who else is in? We could talk about our feelings and shit.

    Was going to do a PSA thread 8)

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    That sounds like a good laugh!

    It is. 😀

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