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  • Premier Icon Simon

    I’ve had a Motorola Razri on a 24 month contract with Orange since February 2013.

    Just before I’d had the phone 12 months it slowed down and then shut down, when I switched it back on it got stuck in start up and became un-responsive.

    Helpline and Orange shop couldn’t get it working so sent it away for repair. Came back two weeks later working fine.

    Then today it stopped working again – same problem.
    Been back to the shop and they’re saying that Motorola phones only come with 12 months warranty, so to get it working is going to cost me this time and it’ll probably go wrong again anyway!!!!
    Other options suggested to me were pay £160 to get out of my contract or buy another new phone.

    I’m not happy with any of those options, surely a phone on a 24 month contract should be expected to continue to work for 24 months.

    Am I being in reasonable and any advice to get me some satisfaction?

    Premier Icon Simon

    Nobody with any useful advice?

    Premier Icon dmorts

    From what you’ve written, seems like the phone failed while still under warranty and subsequently had a failed repair. So arguing the warranty still applies is one route with Motorola. Probably best going this route first

    Also there is the Sale of Goods Act. This is different and additional to the warranty. Any fault within 6 months, it’s assumed that was there at the time of sale and it’s up the retailer to prove otherwise. After 6 months and for up to 6 years (I think), you still have come back but it’s up to you to show the item is not fit for purpose. In your case you can show this by the fault reoccurring. As you’ve had it for a year you could ask Orange for contribution to a new phone of 2/3 the cost of the original Motorola, based on keeping a phone for 3 years.

    NOTE: The warranty is with Motorola as the manufacturer and Sale of Goods Act applies to Orange as the retailer. Don’t mix them up

    Premier Icon Simon

    Update – after a few calls to Orange I’ve convinced them that it’s the same fault that had occurred previously and they’re sending me a new phone tomorrow.

    Also mentioned to them that phone reception when I’m at work is patchy at best and sometimes non-existant so they’re compensating me for that too.

    Good result but they didn’t make it easy for me.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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