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  • Mobile phone in the washing machine. What do I do now ?
  • My Nokia X6 went through the washing machine last night and doesn’t work any more.
    I’m only about 6 months in to a 2 year O2 contract.
    What’s my best option now ?
    I’ve seen them at around £100 on ebay. Should I just buy one on O2 and swap my SIM card across ? Will that work without affecting my contract ?
    Can I buy any phone on O2 and swap the SIM card ?
    What other options are there ?
    I’ve got a bit left behind by mobile phone technology and really don’t know the details of how it all works.

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    Open it up take the battery out and place in the airing cupboard for a few days .

    then see if it works it did for ours .


    Yes you can put that sim in any phone you like. But first take off back, battery out, sim out and place on a towel on s radiator, leave for 24 hrs then try powering up! Don’t be tempted to try it until you think it’s fully dry internally, I’ve saved 2 previous phones this way.
    If nO joy, do you have insurance, via o2, home, or sometimes even certain bank accounts, such as the lloyds one. If no to all them then either shell out or lie! ie phone up o2 say ive decided to insure my phone wait two weeks claim! This’ll cost you a 5iver a month so over the 18 months it’s still 90 quid,
    Final option phone o2 up play the sympathy card and they may do you a deal on another one?


    when you tried to turn it on did anything happen? was it on when it went in the machine?

    It was switched on when it went in.
    I took the battery out afterwards.
    I’ll take it to work today and leave it in a warm room all day.


    put it in a bowl of rice or silica dessicant if you can get hold of it (same as in those little bags you get inside electronics sometimes) then put clingfilm over the top to seal it. Change the rice/dessicant every day until it works



    Well I left it on one of the heater pipes at work all day with the battery and SIM card out and it works now. 😀
    There’s still a little bit of condensation on the screen, so I’ll give it another go tomorrow.


    it’s best to wait till all sign of condensation is gone!


    Strip it down as much as possible, and put all the bits flat wrapped in a newspaper, inthe airing cupboard for a day or 2, then reassemble the phone.

    Any bit of condensation can make the phone short circuit, and then its bust.


    Also the bit that’s likely to die is the battery, but they’re fairly cheap. Make sure to get an original though, there are a lot of fakes on ebay.

    If it’s working, turn it off! As above, place in (uncooked) rice, as disassembled as you can get it. Leave it a day or two more till it’s properly dry. Even after condensation is gone, chances are there’s still moisture inside.

    OK, I’ve taken the battery back out again.
    I’ve got a log burner at home and there’s a very fine line between being close enough to dry out and so close it melts the plastic, so I’m not chancing it.
    There’s a heating pipe at work that’s comfortably warm on top of the lagging. I’ll put it back on there tomorrow.


    Rice, seriously. No need for excessive heat. Let it dry naturally. The rice will draw out the moisture.


    As others have said, wrap in newspaper or a kitchen paper towel, fully dismantled, stuff in a bowl of dry rice, put in airing cupboard or other warm, not hot, place. Be more careful in future. 😉

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