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  • Been with Orange for years and tyears and always been happy with them – have recommended them on here, especially with regard to customer service which has been excellent. But, since the change to EE they’ve become a real pain with regular calls trying to sell em whatever, i don’t know they take so long to get the point. having had enough I told them to stop calling me, they didn’t. i told them if they called again, I’d change to another network when current contract expires – that didn’t stop them so as well as considering a complaint to Ofcom (last call, told them they call again, it’s going to ofcom), I’m changing to someone else – any recommendations? is gifgaf any good? Don’t have high usage any more, do roam but when abroad phone is really from emergency contact only.


    Don’t go to Vodafone if you have a smart phone. Getting 3G coverage is a rarity.

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    Giffgaff are essentially O2, aren’t they? Could be wrong but I think most of these happy shopper deals are all piggybacked onto O2’s network.


    Giffgaff & Tesco piggy back the O2 network.


    GiffGaff & Tesco use the O2 (Telefonica) network. Vodaphone & O2 share a major portion of their networks.

    If changing your phone regularly is your thing then O2 refresh is worth a look.

    I’m an employee of O2, and use my work phone all over the UK without any major signal problems, other than those I’d expect like in the bottom of a deep glen in the middle of nowhere.

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    stay away from vodafone for 3G. Or for that matter 2G in our house.
    Their Sure Signal backhaul femtocell has fallen off its perch for the last 5 weeks and Ive been wasting tons of time on their incompetent support forum. I even sent an email to eh CEO’s office yesterday, In GREEN INK no less, to vent at them.

    Really thinking of going back to O2 now. I have a Three data sim for data while working because vodafone are so shit now. Unfortunately I cant get a Three signal in the house either.


    When my conract was due for renewal I got loads of phone calls purpoting to be from Orange trying to get me to take on a “better” contract. It turned out all where intermediary companies trying to sell me their deals – many of which were worse than the current deal I was on with Orange.


    Three seriously. I was on O2 for years and the coverage was garbage and data was awful. On three I find myself with fully working 3G in the middle of nowhere… That and the 3G speeds are nuts.

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    As a long term loyal customer of Vodafone I say keep away from them unless you only want fantastic voice call coverage. It’s shocking for data.


    vodafone and o2 have both had a close brush with Ofcom for failing to meet the minimum 90% coverage requirement on 3g, whilst the other networks are at 98% +.

    For voice only, vodafone probably has the best coverage but highest call failure rates, 02 uses half rate all over the place with the result that the sound quality is terrible but you’ll get a connection.

    for the best overall service (voice and data), in most places test by rootmetrics so far, Three and EE have the best coverage and service quality. EE have reached around 70% population coverage with 4G and are aiming for 98% by year end – something it’s going to take o2 and Vodafone at least another 2 years to do.

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    I’d avoid Vodafone as well if you want data to work. The only places Vodafone data has worked well for me is in a factory full of Vodafone repeaters.

    I’m on giffgaff and the coverage and data speed is generally very good, only really falling out in the arse end of nowhere. Some remote spots have great coverage yhoug.

    Most networks are a bit hit and miss. If you have an unlocked phone its worth just trying a few sims to see how coverage is in your area and where you regularly go to.

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    For sim only Virgin. £15 unlimited everything 30 day contract. Uses Orange/T-Mobile masts so good coverage, I had over 9meg download speed in Carlisle.


    I put my wife’s phone on O2 and she’s told me she doesn’t want to be on their network again…

    Their data coverages does seem worse than my T-Mobile.

    T-Mobile allow tethering on some of their data contracts, including unlimited ones. Although not their new “Full Monty” one I think- but you should check.

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