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  • dashed

    I’d check your original terms and conditions. You very likely signed up to a fixed term contract (e.g. 12 or 24 months) then once outside this period you drop onto a rolling 1 month contract (as apposed to being “out of contract”).


    We have been with them for 6 years, 2 phones, and I can’t understand why they are suddenly spouting terms and conditions and asking me to pay an additional month?

    They want more money from you …

    Better to stick with Pay As You Go to avoid hassle and yes this may be slightly expensive but at least your blood pressure will not shoot up so easily …

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    I wouldn’t cancel the DD. They have whole departments set up specifically to bother you until you cough up even more than the one month, and are quite happy to sell on the debt to even more unsavoury companies.


    cancel DD at end of month

    Be careful they don’t sprout a default on your account here. Bye bye perfect credit rating…

    b r

    Give them notice?

    And you’ve a month now to find another contract.


    standard practice to require 30 days notice when a contract has expired.


    Get the PAC code and then switch it to a PAYG SIM. This needs to be done within a certain timescale which is less than 30 days (can’t remember what it is).

    I’m pretty sure you won’t get charged for the line rental you don’t use, but you might want to check that out.

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    So the last month of the contract for my daughters phone started on 1st April and they have nothing left to offer her, I’ve rang up a few times and asked about upgrades/ending contract and they havent been keen to offer anything decent (IMO), so I have let the contract run till its end (first day of this month) when I rang to knock it on the head today they tell me there is a notice period of 30 days.
    I asked how can there still be a notice period when I am out of contract?
    May be a schoolboy error on my part, but when I cancelled the wifes earlier in the year (same provider) they just accepted it and it was over (also out of contract). We have been with them for 6 years, 2 phones, and I can’t understand why they are suddenly spouting terms and conditions and asking me to pay an additional month? If they had tried to get me to stay and extend the contract or offer something else which I subsequently turned down I might have expected a bit of hardball (ok, so 1 month is hardly baseball bats in a back alley but..) anyway plan is to cancel DD at end of month when last bill is paid and let them whistle for the rest next month.


    If you’re out of your original term just switch to a sim only price plan for a month – will be about a tenner on most networks… Not worth getting upset over.

    Do not just cancel the DD. Go by the rules and make sure you get written confirmation.

    My housemate has a debt collection agency after her after thinking her contract with Orange has been terminated. She phoned them according the their ‘the rules’ and got a pac code to transfer the number. There was a problem with the pac code and it didn’t get used.

    As the pac code was not used, the contract wasn’t cancelled.

    When I cancelled my contract I was sent a letter explaining this sneaky little condition. My housemate wasn’t sent a letter.


    Changed to Three last month from T Mobile. They said that requesting the PAC was confirmation of ending the contract.
    If the PAC wasn’t used in X days/weeks, the contract would continue (presumably until I requested it again)….
    I used the PAC and the contract appears to have been cancelled…

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