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  • thomthumb

    DONT **** TEMPT IT

    Premier Icon sockpuppet

    [whispers]don’t say it out loud[/whisper]

    nothing to see here, move along

    Premier Icon jimmy

    HAHA he’s said it! MUDFEST!

    Premier Icon twinklydave

    if it rains now it’s your fault!

    it was going to be my fault for fitting semi slicks yesterday, but now it’ll be yours πŸ˜›

    We must be due a dry Mayhem by now, surely?

    I’ve just set my spare bike up for when my 1st one breaks in the mud & fitted maxxis 1.8 mud tyres.
    It’s mayhem, of course it’s going to pi$$ is down!

    Premier Icon neil853

    can’t believe somebody has came on here and said its going to be sunny, that and the fact one of our team has bought some oakleys too, bound to rain now πŸ˜‰


    I knew if I didn’t enter the sun would shine.

    forgot the disclaimer…..if it rains its not my fault!


    Stone Him!!! he’s tempting fate!! πŸ˜‰


    Let it rain, it’ll give you something decent to moan about rather than the ususal pish we have to read after the event

    Well metcheck, metoffice, theweatheroutlook and bbc are all saying DRY!SUNNY! and 20+ degrees 😯 check for yourselves….HR8 1RL!

    Premier Icon votchy

    Who rattled your cage sheldon???


    Too wet/dry/hot/cold/muddy/hard/fast/slow/flat/steep*

    *pick 3!


    Clouded over here in Malvern nicely atm.

    Premier Icon njee20

    It doesn’t clash with Glastonbury, so it should be dry.

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    i’m looking forward to riding in shades.
    cos is is teh cool innit.


    LOL @ Votchy, you planning on more than one lap this year mate?


    raining now in Malvern!


    Is team McCoy racing entering? You will all be battling for 2nd place if he is.


    Of course it will be dry – I’m not doing it this year.

    I’ve done the event on and off since the early days (the first year it really really rained in Trentham gardens!)

    Apart from the year in Birmingham that it was insanely hot and dry (so dry everyone puked their guts up with the dust) it has rained every year I have done it. After a few years of thick mud I’d had enough and didn’t bother…. hence scorchio weather, dry fast race.

    So the next year I thought why not give it another go. It rained and has every year since last year was a farce.

    This year I’m not bothering and of course it will be scorchio again! I think I’ve offended the gods somehow (anyone know where I can get a spotless pure white goat and a ceremonial stone knife to placate them?)


    Badger – the moral is…stick with it. Otherwise you are trying to time the markets. It doesn’t work in investment (apparently) and it is clearly not a good strategy with the British Summer.

    Disclaimer: Past weather is not a guanrantee of future levels of precipitation. Your morale may go down as well as up.

    Premier Icon Phil_H

    I’m off to buy some P20 this afternoon so if it rains you can blame me πŸ˜€

    I got feed up racing it in the rain.. The last two years courses have been a nightmare & were both un-rideable when they got wet…. especially last years. This year I just didn’t bother & opted for the 24/12 instead


    lol @ stonepantman.

    I’ll have to remember that – but I’m into foreign investment now – off to Whistler for some 100% copper bottomed guaranteed returns on sunshine and good trails.


    TouchΓ© Badger.


    Premier Icon nickc

    I think I’ve done more dry MM than wet ones. The first one was just…(shudders, moves on) but 2003 was bliss, and the first one at Malvern was lovely, it was only the last two when it was wet, and 2007 wasn’t even that bad…really



    The first one at Malvern was a washout – it was the 2nd one at malvern I thought that was OK – because I didn’t do it that year.


    2002 Sandwell – Dry (apart from the toilet leak on the last bend!)
    2003 ” – Dry
    2004 Eastnor – Wet Saturday (Hell at night)
    2005 ” – Wet but not too bad (or I was starting to get the hang of it!
    2006 ” – Buff!
    2007 ” – Wet (newbie in the team nearly cried)
    2008 ” – The Somme (newbie in the team nearly died!)
    2009 ” – ?

    It looks like we are moving towards a more dry than wet position since 2002.

    Premier Icon nickc

    You know, as I typed that I thought, perhaps I was just in a happy place, it was that climb wasn’t it….(remembers…oh the humanity)


    03 sandwell: sunny
    04 eastnor: wet
    05 wet but drying throughout
    06 sunny πŸ™‚
    07 wet
    08 wet
    09 based on that pattern, dry πŸ™‚

    Not that I’ll be there but fingers crossed for you.

    First one I did at Malvern was ’05, started really wet, ended up proper baking hot.

    I did that year at Sandwell when it was 30 degrees in the shade too, crikey did I suffer.

    just ordered my riding attire for the weekend…………….

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    As a semi-professional I will be getting my team mates to mech for me and change my tyres mid-lap if it rains, so I don’t mind what happens with the weather πŸ˜€


    And yet, as we speak, the forecast changes – some giving rain Friday & Sunday now πŸ™

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