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  • Mixing shimano disc levers -road/Mtb
  • lardman

    I have some standard XT brakes on my flat bar ‘hybrid’ type bike. I’d like to swap out for some drops, and run some kind of disk braked shifter-hood type roady thing. You can tell the extent of my road knowledge with my termanology.

    I have drawn the following conclusions so far.

    @ around £350 the combined STI/disc hoods are daft sort of money.
    I will need to change rear mech to 11 speed, and cassette too.

    Can i fit an 11 speed road cassette on my hope pro2’s?

    I’m sure i could find all these answers if i was to search really hard, but you guys should know. right?

    Thanks muchly in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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