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  • mixing campagnolo drive with shimano/sram cassette
  • frood

    In my experience the answer is no. Shimano/SRAM chains/cassettes etc are interchangeable, but Campag shifts in a different manner so as a rule you generally need Campag chain/cassette/derailleur to make it work


    Mixed results from research. Looking to fit new campag veloce 10 speed groupset, however wheelset has a shimano freehub and a sram 10 speed cassette. Would this work? Would save me a bit of cash plus faff of trying to source a new freehub


    That’s not what I really wanted to hear 🙁

    Thanks though, it sounds like it is a no – go.


    I run an xtr 9 speed rear derailleur with the rest (including shifters) being campag veloce 10 speed and I think it now works better than when it was all pure campag veloce.

    Think this is partly due to being the old style veloce shifter, think the new ones are more 1 to 1 shifting.

    Same I think would apply for cassette? Old style you may get away with it, new style probably not.

    But you can get campag cassettes that fit on shimano hubs so easiest non faff would be a new rear cassette. Ambrosio do one afaik

    I have one of those ambrosio cassettes, its not bad. weights roughly the same as a tiagra cassette but works a treat.

    I ran campag on my mtb for a while with it.

    I also ran 10 speed campag with an 8 speed shimano cassette. That worked well but only gave 8 gears but the spacing is the same.


    The proper answer is that its doesn’t work.
    However that’s the setup I use though.
    Option 1 is one of those cassettes that have Shimano splines and Campag spacings.
    2. Try an Shimergo set up.
    3 Try travel adjusters
    4. I currently use a Sram cassette with Ergos. In the middle where I could I use spacers from a shagged cassette from from 1 above. The biggest 3 have fixed SRAM spacers as do the smallest 3.
    Its fine.
    5. It will work anyway, especially with a touch of play in the top pulley wheel.
    Look at the CTC forum for much more detail


    frood – Member
    In my experience the answer is no. Shimano/SRAM chains/cassettes etc are interchangeable, but Campag shifts in a different manner so as a rule you generally need Campag chain/cassette/derailleur to make it work

    Not my experience, running campag mech, shimano cassette and chain.

    That CTC page is the ultimate resource for this stuff, but ultimately it’s about the sprocket spacing.


    I’ve tried respacing a Shimano cassette but had to lose one sprocket to make it fit on the freewheel and I couldn’t get flaw free indexing throughout the whole of the shifting. I now use a http://www.sjscycles.co.uk/jtek-shiftmate-model-1-prod19046/ and the shifting’s perfect. It also gives you a wider choice of ratios than using the Ambrosia cassette…..

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    Ultimately it depends how much faff time you have and how well you want things to work – warranty also rears it’s ugly head, if that is relevant to you.

    The best shifting is always achieved by using a system as it was designed to be used – as a system. OK, we are biased as Campagnolo’s main UK SC, but if I were speaking for Shimano or SRAM, my experience and training would lead me to say the same – mixed systems are to some extent always a compromise.

    That isn’t so say they won’t work – but in the context of your question you have to take into account that all three main manufacturers use subtly different actuation ratios and approaches to the technical challenges of indexing. The more gears you pack into the space available, the more accurate you have to be and so the more the systems become sensitive to being compromised by an unexpected (by the system) factor being added in.

    Shiftmates seem to offer the best of the available compromise solutions to using (specifically) combined Campagnolo / Shimano systems but if you are dealing with new parts, just remember that using any third party part in the system may affect your warranty …

    Remember too that the main manufacturers test and test and test on a variety of scenarios that fall within their overall frame design and intended use parameters – individuals may be able to persuade combined systems to work in their particular circumstances but that doesn’t mean that such a solution will work in another set of circumstances.

    The more we expect from gearing systems in terms of shift performance, range and overall “slickness”, as in the case of practically every other technical product, the less we can expect to be able to be able to interchange parts and retain those characteristics.

    I don’t say that is necessarily a wholly desirable thing but it is “the way it is” …


    Agree, ideally I would use all the same groupset but it will cost me a fair chunk more, and this is supposed to be a build with a budget…

    Which would you recommend – the cassette or the shiftmate? They both will tackle my problem and cost about the same

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