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  • ross980

    Having driven an L200, Navara (we have them at work) and the Hilux, I’d say the Hilux every time.

    It rides and drives *so* much nicer than the other two and should be more reliable to boot.

    The other 2 must be seriously shit. I occasionally drive a 61reg Hilux with work and it’s truly awful compared to a car/van (just my opinion). I used to want a pick up, and then I drove one…


    Nice, enjoy it and I hope you don’t live to regret not buying a Passat estate. 😀


    New shape Mondeo estate!


    Had it nearly a week.

    I do like the decals of the animal but dont like the leather seats and already have a very good satnav. So far extremely pleased with it.

    Mpg round town avg 31.. on a longer journey mid 40s. Drives like a car. No more smelly wet dogs in the cab and been a godsend during the recent floods.

    Love it.

    Leather seats are great – they wipe clean.

    As I posted earlier in the thread – the Animal is more powerful, 170bhp rather than 140bhp.

    Glad you like it though – pick-ups are fab


    You can get it chipped, I had one, got a little switch one way for extra power the other for economy. They’re OK I hope you enjoy it, the only limitation I found was the annoying turning circle, ran mine as a pick up without the window box thing on the back, I love pick ups been driving them for over ten years now, one flavour or another, got a VW Amarok at the moment which is OK but a tad on the big side.

    The L200 was the first of the ‘lifestyle’ genre and capitalised on the vat and company tax benefit before bloody Gordon Brown did what he always did to help us small Independant types..


    Oh what happened to the mondeo? 🙁


    I bought a 58 plate 4life about 6 weeks ago as a second car, humping and dumping duties mainly and something to tinker with, it has alloys and arches fitted as well as chrome roll over bar, not convinced it would help but it looks ok, it drives really well though it only has 37k on the clock.

    The wife said it looked terrible and refused to drive it but come the rain the last few weeks she has not been out of it and she has visits to Tewksbury and the surrounding areas and the like so it has been a Godsend really.

    It can be a beast in town but i drove to France the day after i bought it and with full load in the back of logs and tools etc it drove very well, on the way back i averaged 35mpg, on the way down i was late setting off and hammered it to catch the ferry and it plodded happily at 80 mph. It does lack the refinements of my C Class which it would but it is a truck and is comfortable and a decent drive. Parts wise i will stay away from the dealers but Milners seem to be the choice of the L200 owners club for spares so i will look in there for the parts i need to service it in Jan/Feb.

    I will do about 5k in it annually so it should last me a while.

Viewing 8 posts - 81 through 88 (of 88 total)

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