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  • My paragliding school has one, 4WD 2.8 turbo diesel. Tough as old boots, owner absolutely loves it.

    Seats in the back all fold away usefully.

    That’s all I’ve got.

    edit for clarity: It’s not my school, it’s one that I go to.

    Premier Icon nickjb

    We love ours. Swallows the bikes, goes anywhere. Great for towing. I have done a basic camper conversion. Takes about 20mins to remove the seats and fit the bed. Huge space in the back but still easy to park. Heavy and thirsty though. Good for a weekend car, bit expensive as a daily driver

    On the way to Dorset

    Bed, bikes and boat in the back.


    when was it imported and buy on condition not age and price.

    its a people carrier on a shogun chassis 😀

    i love em.


    Mate is looking at one…if you don’t take it, would you mind passing on the details please?


    Hmm, not sure when it was imported. I’ll find out. nickjb, when you say ‘thirsty’ what are we talking about, like a SWB Transit or something? Those pics look awesome, I’m seriously considering it now 🙂

    When I said run-around, I kind of meant weekend/odd jobs etc. I get around day to day on my bike.


    Any good?

    I’ve been offered a ’95 model for £1200. Thinking it could be used as an all purpose run-around, bike in the back, camping etc.

    Anyone know anything about these?

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    They have their qualities but its important to realise why they never got imported offically into the UK. It’s a tall people carrier body perched on top of a tall wobbly 4×4 chassis. They were designed for sitting in tokyo traffic jams and dreaming about adventure, not actually going on adventures. They don’t cut the mustard driving at UK road speeds with UK corners and wouldn’t pass the elk test and thats why they’ve never been on sale here.

    Premier Icon flowmtbguy

    I had one. And yes – it was bloody thirsty! But pulls a trailer like it’s not even there.. A fun vehicle for sure..

    but I sold it and got a T5 instead – much more like it – was like having a second garage..


    I have one. Great for hauling bikes etc. All the seats lie flat so you can sleep in it (sleeping bags always in mine). I get 25-28 mpg, but it will run on new veg oil/waste veg oil or proper bio diesel without mods.
    Get the fuel pump seal replaced if it cuts out after starting. owner forum for tons of info and fixes

    I had the 2.5 engine L300 delica great for biking and camping also good fun in the snow but as said above very thirsty that’s why I sold mine.


    Thanks chaps. Not liking the thirsty news. Hmm, how much is vegetable oil per gallon I wonder…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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