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  • Missus not been paid.
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    Has/is it causing any real hardship or extra costs?

    If it’s just, as it sounds, an admin error, then these things can happen, ask them to cover any costs for bounced DD’s etc that it has caused. 1 week to rectify a payroll error doesn’t sound like they are deliberately holding pay back.

    Just unable to pay rent and Car Insurance and the knock on effect for the next week (Weekly pay) it has happened before. Usually the Team leader not putting it on the system.


    So speak to the debtors and explain. If you incur any costs speak to HR. tell them to cover them.

    Missus has her full 5 weeks annual leave left and took some for this week and next. This was also discussed in her HR meeting and is included in the meeting minutes. Now they have said due to A communication error they have not paid her and her team leader has said they won’t pay her till next week. This isn’t the first time her annual leave hasn’t been paid. Any advice?

    They are sending her a cheque turns out payroll has it on the system, but it needed to be authorized by her Team leader who blamed HR for lack of communication.

    But its twice this has happened by team leaders not authorizing it on their system. Cheque being picked up from Head office. Not a happy lady the missus today. And i don’t blame her.

    I’ve paid the car insurance, as without the car she can’t work. Utter pratts. It annoys me how some people can pass off stuff like this as a minor mistake, but its peoples lives their messing with.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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