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  • Houns

    One of my boys has been missing since Thursday morning. He’s never done anything like this before and would always come running when you whistled him.
    I’m starting to fear the worst now 😥 I’ve called all the local vets, let the RSPCA and cats protection know, I’ve even called the local pet crem where the council take road kill (luckily he wasn’t there!) I’ve posted all over twitter and FB, I’ve put posters up and popped flyers through doors, there’s nothing more I can do (I think)

    So, please give me hope, tell me stories of your missing pets that eventually came home

    He’s such an adorable cat, he and his brother mean so much to me 😥

    Premier Icon kennyp

    We had a cat missing a few days. He was trapped in a shed or garage. Came home smelling of creosote. Ask neighbours to check.

    Premier Icon Nipper99

    Mate’s cat (Gizmo) was away for 3 months and then just turned up as if nothing had happened, I think they have a wanderlust from time to time.

    Premier Icon 18bikes

    One of my parents cats went missing for nearly a month, she was always adventurous and this wasn’t the first time she’d wandered off. They did exactly what you had and put posters up and let as many people as possible know. They had given up hope, taken down the posters and moved on (as had their other cat) when they got a call from the Sainsbury’s local nearly a mile away saying she had been hanging around outside the shop for a few days and had been ‘browsing’ the aisles too.

    Keep everything crossed and he may turn up
    Matt *crosses fingers and toes*


    That sounds catastrophic, I’m sure it’ll have a purrfect ending.


    Neighbour had one go missing for 2 weeks…

    Does he have a collar or tag, someone may be looking after him thinking he’s stray..


    Mine went walkabout for 5 days when she was about 2 yrs old – soon came home when she realised that the food deal was better at home and that the grass wasn’t greener. She went walkabout a couple of times and seems to have got it out of her system for now.

    Fingers crossed this has a happy ending.


    Yeh knocked on neighbours doors and flyers posted through doors.

    When I was younger we had a cat that would disappear for a week every time my parents went on holiday, but, as mentioned, he’s just under 2 and never done anything like this before.

    His twin brother isn’t eating!

    Premier Icon househusband

    Hope he comes back – was he chipped..?


    No collar (he’s got a big mane with his winter coat, plus he always came home with the collar missing ) but he is chipped


    (Thanks all so far)

    Ho hum

    One of my Mum’s cats went missing for over 2 months. She put up flyers everywhere and eventually had a call from someone who lived about a mile seeing that she had seen a cat matching his description living in a derelict house and that she had been feeding him regularly.

    Don’t give up hope yet mate 🙂


    I had a cat live under the decking where i used to live a few winters ago, was getting down to -8 and we couldn’t get the cat to come in.

    We just gave it food and tried to get it to come in this went on for 3 months before we were able to corner the cat then got Cats Protection to come round, they managed to find its owners and as far as i am aware it is still with them.

    Another case, cat was found wandering outside work a few weeks ago, got taken to the vets and it was chipped it had travelled 25miles in 12 months and so was returned to owners.

    Don’t give up hope just yet.


    Bike riding this weekend has consisted of riding around the neighbourhood whistling and shaking cat treats, it’s a good work out

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    Mine went missing for two weeks, came back looking utterly bedraggled and massively dehydrated out of the blue one evening, so it’s certainly possible.

    Sadly, it didn’t end well for Charlie and he never properly recovered; that said, the vet told me he’d been ill for a very long time and we hadn’t realised.

    Fingers crossed for you. I can’t say it’s likely he’s ok, but it’s very definitely possible.


    not really a cat fan, but I have to admit that hes a splendid looking fella. Good luck.


    Doesn’t just have to be cats, any dogs etc.

    I must admit he and his brother are very handsome cats, they look like mini lions, so part of me thinks he may have been catnapped


    our cat went walkabout for two years ! was chipped,and eventually found his way to RSPCA,a phone call from them,an hour later they brought him home,he was the other side of Brum,how he made the ten mile journey,we’ll never know.
    unfortunately two weeks later,he packed his bags again ! this was about a year ago,mrs Keef recons she’s seen him locally,I thought ‘yeah right’…
    then last week,he came walking up to me on the front drive,meowed hello,then proceeded to walk off again !
    looked well fed and healthy,if he’s happy,then so are we.


    Ha ha!

    Strangely enough he was watching the one show last week when the article about Hamish McHamish came in (the cat in StAndrews) I thought he was watching it as Hamish looks like his brother, now I’m thinking he was getting ideas!


    It will be back. My old one had us worried several times.

    Premier Icon Nipper99


    obviosly you had a Kipling cat.

    ‘the cat that walks by himself to whom all places are alike’

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Hope he comes home mate.
    He is one splendind looking cat.

    They’re funny things cats, we had plenty over the years as kids. Most had some sort of walkabout at some point. Its early days in cat terms.
    He’s propbably reading this on an iPad, in front of the fire at some old ladies house. Thats the cats alternative of an All-Inclusive you know.


    Has he recently bought a pair of thigh length boots?

    Hope you find him. 😀

    mr plow

    Ours was handed in to local vet 5 weeks after it went missing. He is chipped and was in perfect condition. He has a habit for going into other people’s houses and maybe others were feeding him etc. Very often folk take over other’s cats by feeding them etc.

    Premier Icon drain

    One of ours disappeared about 6 weeks after we’d moved house, late autumn so we weren’t too optimistic. 8 months later, my wife got a call from the vet saying that Brillo had been handed in and the chip had our details. She was tubbier than when she’d left home! So we reckon some little old lady had looked after her over winter who wasn’t aware of chips and the like, and then Brillo decided to wander off again.

    Hope you get a similarly happy outcome.

    Mrs Toast

    Here we go…

    Cat missing for two years turns up 170 miles from home

    Cat from Stoke turns up in Cardiff four years later.

    Another four year absentee kitty (this time in Devon)

    Cat turns up after ten years

    German cat reunited with owner after 15 years!

    Cats are great survivors and master manipulators of humans. Chances are that your cat has multiple aliases, several families and is generally a massive hussy. There’s probably somebody who’s chuffed to bits that they’ve acquired a huge, fluffy ginger ‘stray’.

    Take some consolation that, even if you don’t see him again, chances are he’s living a comfortable life rather than falling victim to misfortune.


    We had a cat who lived to a ripe old age. He went walk about his whole life, we just got used to it in the end. It wasn’t uncommon for him to be gone for months at a time. He would just show up sitting on the windowsill wanting to be let in. He always looked as healthy as the day he left so we assumed he had himself a couple of alternative owners around town. When he got old he settled down more – I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that he picked us.

    Ours used to go missing frequently when he was younger, the longest was about 6 weeks.

    You’d be amazed how many ‘other’ homes cats have, even now we put our 15 year old out on snowy, sub zero nights and he always rolls up bone dry and toasty warm the next day.


    Mum’s cat (who is now my cat) went missing for well over a week, no sign, then a plaintive mewl from the neighbour’s garage explained all, despite having looked in there already… Fingers crossed!

    We had a cat that kept coming through our catflap and eating the food. Even when there was no food he would be there when we got home. The little bugger kept coming round no matter how many times we kicked him out. We should have given him a squirt of water I guess. Anyway his owner put up a poster (they lived just round the corner) and picked him up. Apparently he had been missing for a couple of weeks. I think there were young kids in the house and he wanted some peace. We have a chip activated catflap now so he can not get in. He still darts in the front door sometimes when I get home. One of our cats hates him too, he gets a kicking from our moggy every time.


    When living in Plymouth we had a black and white cat called Guinness. Most affectionate cat ever who would climb on your lap, wrap his front legs around your neck as if giving you a hug. Would also follow you anywhere. After a year or so he suddenly went missing. Never done it before and kept to a routine of coming home when we did etc. Came home from work and there was no Guinness, few hours went by and nothing. Started the whole walking around the local area calling for him and nothing. This went on for a few days. Every time I would come home or get up while in the house all the windows would be checked and there was nightly calls out the back of the house but to no avail. On a sunday morning I woke up at about 7am which was unheard of at the time and when going to the loo though I would look out the bathroom window and there he was outside the back door. Looked dirty and was starving. He slept for a good 24hours without moving off the bed. We can only presume he was locked in a shed for a few days but we never want to go through that again.


    If he’s still fully “intact” it’s quite possible he’s visiting a lady friend, male cats can often disappear like this.


    OP our cat has gone missing a couple of times, he had a thing for wandering into the pub at the end of the road, this combined with being fond of getting into cars meant he disappeared for almost a week once. We only got him back because my wife put an ad in the local rag. He’d made it a few miles across town. We had only flyered and postered the immeadiate vicinity which turned out to be a waste of my time, still like you I was on the bike the whole time.

    The good thing is now he is a minor celebrity so can’t get too far with out someone bringing him back. He does disappear for the odd night though, comes back smelling of old ladies the tart.

    Premier Icon geoffj

    How big and aggressive is he? It wouldn’t be the first time another cat owner has got pissed off with the local king cat bullying her little darling(s) and decided to relocate it.

    On a slightly happier note, one of ours was hit by a car and although able to walk ok, went into hiding for a couple of days before coming home.

    Good luck!


    Sister in laws cat disappeared one day, reappeared two weeks later.

    He’d wondered into someones garage and got locked in until the next time it was opened up. Cat was thin after 2 weeks without food, but recovered fine.


    try not to worry, he WILL turn up alive and well. Cat’s like doing this, when ours was younger he’d always vanish for day…then turn up as if he’d never left.

    I think your cat has befriended an old dear down the road and he’s currently sleeping in front of her fire while she cooks him up some chicken!


    Our cat went missing for 3 weeks. Woman across the road opened her garage door after she came back from holiday and the cat came out like a bat out of hell. I came home to find the little tike running round my feet obviously quite hungry! Other than being thin, he was fine!


    I’m fond of quoting that fact that there are reckoned to be seven million domestic cats in Britain and ten million families who think they own a cat.


    We re-homedcats brother and sister and they both went missing. He turned up 3 weeks later at the local vets when a woman who’d been feeding him brought him in.

    She turned up 6 weeks later at the same vets when a couple who’d been feeding her decided to keep her and went to the vets to get her chipped.

    Never expected to get them both back and now they don’t stray too far, apart from the occasional lock in next door (they treat it as a little weekend break).

    Hope he turns up safe and well

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